Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's Talk About Rice

Does anyone remember those skits from Saturday Night Live? I always thought those were so funny. And the Svety Meatballs! Ha I loved that one. Last night I made fried rice for dinner to go with our lemon chicken. I was thinking while I was cookin that I should let people in on the fried rice secret. You know how when you like something, how you come home and look up recipes so you can learn to make it? I did that with fried rice oh so long ago... I can't even believe how long it took me to figure this stuff out. Every recipe I tried turned into something that looked like malt-o-rice mash.
So here it is...
Use leftover rice! Yes its that simple. Easy peazy as Kass would say. When ever I cook rice I always cook twice what we need. The leftovers go in the fridge for fried rice later in the week. You don't even need a recipe, but here's what I do.

First of all the egg. Oh the yummy yummy egg. This is done in a wok. In a bowl, whisk 3 eggs while the wok is getting hot. Coat the bottom in olive oil. My pan is nonstick so i think that may help. Pour the egg in and swirl the wok around so the egg coats the pan in a thin layer.(You actually have to pick the wok up to do this) Don't let the egg sit in there long enough to get brown, browned egg is not yummy. It should slide right out of the pan. You can then cut it in to thin strips. That's that.

Next Saute up 3 to 6 cloves of garlic depending on how much you love the stuff... add a bit more oil for the rice which comes next. Add the rice and saute for a few minutes (maybe 4 or 5 cups of cooked LEFTOVER rice) Then all you do is add soy sauce, the amount depends on the amount of rice you cook but, you'll see it gives it that fried rice look you love. start with 4 tablespoons or something and add more if you like. Taste it as you go... then i add frozen peas and carrots (and of course the yummy egg) and turn the heat to low and put a lid on it while I'm cooking whatever is going with it.

( can add all kinds of other things you want like chicken, pork, onions, whatever! It's what YOU like! Be creative!)

Which bring me to something else... Notice how all the Chinese recipes you love call for frying the chicken???? Here's my thought... Skip that step!!! Who says it has to have a fried coating to be good? No way!! It's the sauce that you really love, and pouring it over sauteed chicken will be just as good and plenty healthier! Yes Katie this recipe is for you since you are the only one who reads my blog! Enjoy!!