Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patty's Last Stand

This is how it happened. Earlier today I was cleaning the garage. Kassidy was doing school work on the porch swing and Lucy was tunkin around messing with stuff. Today is garbage day. This is an unlucky coincidence. Kassidy finishes her work and asks me to look at it. I give her a 5 minute break. The garbage man makes his way down our street. Lucy begs for Kassidy to push her on her tricycle. So they take off down the sidewalk only to return a few minutes later frantically screaming...

Lily was hit by a truck!

what?? I say.

Lily... Patty...Lily was hit by a truck! She was hit! Pure terror in her voice.

It's weird how I could even for a second think she was talking about Lucy when I could see her right there on her trike.

Next thought is some kid down the street maybe?

"What" I say? "What are you saying??"

"Patty was ran over by a truck! She's right there on the street!"

Oh, I see. Patty the frog. We are pretty anti-pet over here so the kids have to find pets.

Over the summer we went to Sedona, the only place we went really. There was a boggy area where we swam and it had tons of frogs just begging to be put in an empty water bottle and taken to a new hotter (less watery) home far far away where they could be tortured. (You'll see what I mean in a minute!)

I think they brought about 10 home put them in a muddy area under the swingset, expected them to stay put, came back later to check on them and of course they were all gone! We found one weeks later while mowing (that was a close one!) And another one about a week after that in the front yard near the fountain (Patty I'm guessing?)

I say to Kassidy, "How do you know that was Patty and not Lily?

"Oh, Lucy squeezed Lily to death a long time ago." (See what I mean!)

So goodbye to Patty the frog... we will miss looking for you in the fountain area. And the excitement of when we actually spot you, for this is our last sighting...

WARNING!!! Flat frog picture coming up...

I'm serious...

I really took a picture...

(It's weird the things I take pictures of these days now that I have a blog!)

You were so close to the side walk! One more jump, maybe two and you would've been home free.

Ok if you think looking at it is gross well then just think of my job... I had to do a little editing on it!!

Just a little add on... When I got Lucy out of her crib after nap she was saying
Patty...Truck...Patty go garbage.