Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Crazy Hair Day"

This was last Friday. I'm so behind the times these days! I was a naughty mom and took Natalie out of school for a girls day. She's getting baptized next month and she needed some serious help with her hair. Everyday is "crazy hair day" for Natalie. So we did before and after pictures. Heres Natty's before...

Tommy working his round brush magic! I couldn't believe how great her hair looked! Like super model hair.

While we were getting ready to go the phone rang. but I didn't have time to answer it so I ignored it as usual. Well Natalie answered it. I said to Natalie, "who was on the phone?"

Natalie, "I think it was someone from school"

Oh this is just great. The girl they're calling about actually answers the phone and sounds perfectly chipper and healthy!

Mom, "What did you tell them?"

Natalie, "I told them I was going to get my hair done!"

Mom, "Well isn't that fantastic!" (ooops next time I'll get it!)

And now for the after picture...

Kassidy's before picture...

And here's her after picture...

This really was after. Kassidy found a disguise kit laying around Grandpa's house. You know Kassidy...


Tommy is a friend from way back in high school. He does my hair and he does such a great job I thought I should probably take my girls to him. Kassidy was especially excited to meet one of my old friends. The next day in clay class she made him a "Thank you" pebble. It was so cute of her.

Natalie checking out her new "palette expander" (which did NOT stop her from sucking her fingers as I had hoped!)

I was very happy with their new hair. Kassidy even lets me do it every-so-often now. After the salon we went to lunch at P.F.Changs, Kassidy's favorite. We had no leftovers!

I love these girls so much! And a huge thanks to my mom for watching Lucy all afternoon!