Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The wonder of 4.

... she was very specific...

I want a doll.
that has a bathtub.
and a diaper.
and a duckie.

The good little angles that follower her around must have been paying extra attention to her every little wish.

We happened to be on our way to the mall and the very first store we came to was a toy store, and in the window was a baby doll sitting in a little pink bathtub wrapped in a towel, wearing a diaper with a little rubber duckie on the shelf...

that toy store was NOT there last time I was at the mall.

This is a true story.

and she is very loved :)

even though she obviously has no clue how to swing a bat!! haha!!!

It wasn't much. But it made her happy. and so I am also happy.

Happy Birthday my sweet darling Lucy!

xoxoxoxo love you :)

p.s.- i may as well add that she pulled the arm off her baby doll the very next day while we were driving around town. The doll is ok but I had a pretty creepy baby doll dream that night. or perhaps I should say nightmare! eeks.

p.s.s- I suppose i should also add that Kassidy and Natalie stayed up late with me and helped me decorate so Lucy would wake up feeling extra special. They did such a cute job and they even made all the birthday hats custom with feathers and a boa! Love you guys :) you're the best big sisters ever!!