Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the differences between passion and obsession

{ an excerpt from a conversation with my hubby }

... inviting you in, mid-convo ...

j: No Chad, you just don't understand. if I am doing something like say washing the counters, I am thinking about it. Ways to be better at it, things I want to try, my logo, my name, an article I've recently read, something someone posted, but at all times thinking about it.

c: I know it's all you talk about.

j: I'm sorry I know I do that and sometimes I'm even thinking im my head, jill... stop talking about it, it's too much, and then it just keeps coming out anyway.

c: that's because you have an obsessive personality.

j: it's not obsessive, it's passionate.

c: it's obsessive. You're like this with everything you do. When it was catering everywhere we went you were always looking for things for your catering business. If we are redecorating a room you find what you want then you obsess about it until you finally give in and get it. Anything you see that you love you obsess over until you get it. it's obsessive.

j: no. It's passion. You're just not seeing the bigger picture here. If there's one thing you know about me it's that i dislike ordinary, I reject the mundane and in no way will i ever buy something i only half like. Ever. I don't want a job that just pays the bills, I want to LIVE every moment of my life and I want to be EXCITED about it. Really excited about it! and when I look back on all this i want to feel as though i did something useful and not just anything but something I WANTED and CHOSE. And I want to do it very well. And of course i want to surround myself with beauty, I love to sit amongst beautiful things. It's such a peaceful happy feeling to be surrounded by beauty.

c: sounds obsessive to me.

j: well it's not. There is a difference you know...

(enter Lucy needing a drink for the bazillionth time, exit me towards kitchen to get her that drink she so needs again)

Chad follows

I notice how dirty the counters are and begin washing them

j: ok so I've been thinking, we need more magazines! I want to get a whole bunch and pull out all the inspiring images and pin them to the wall so i can look at them and always be inspired.

c: pin them on what wall???

j: on walls in our house (how is that even a question?!?!?)

c: you're starting to remind me of those t.v. shows where the psycho is obsessed with a woman and they discover a room covered with photos of her pinned to the wall.


oh my gosh maybe I am obsessed!


That being said... is there anyone out there interested in doing a summer photography group?

I imagine this would be a group of people that come together to discuss, learn and experiment with photography. People that want to learn and grow in this fine art. I would like to meet atleast every other week. You have to be in the Gilbert, AZ (or surrounding) area and you need to own a DSLR. If you are planning a vacation to AZ anytime this summer let me know we would also love to have guests to shake up the fun. I don't care how young or old you are and any level of experience is just fine. I would like to limit this group to 5 people (besides myself)... that is if there's even any interest at all.

P.S.- this is not for money but for love.

If you are interested email me at Tell me a little about yourself, how you found me and where you are on your photographic journey.

See how I thrive on excitement!!!!!!

also... more baby Brandon coming soon :) !!!