Tuesday, June 1, 2010


place | Goodwill

Price | $12.99

Feelings on the matter | STOKED!

It doesn't even matter that it's probably circa 1980 haha!!!!

Ok so I am no decorator but even so I have been trying my darnedest to redecorate my kids rooms. I painted two of the rooms silver sage and the other room petal pink.

We are currently working on painting some old bunk beds white. The original plan was to split the beds up and put one in one of the silver sage rooms and one in the pink room. i was dying over here because what I wanted for the pink room was a black bed, but theres just so many other things I would rather spend money on than a pretty bed that my kids will carve their names into and adorn with stickers off the bananas!

So unless anyone has any better ideas I think I will just paint my find black :)

What do you think?