Saturday, June 5, 2010

i hear GREEN is earth friendly.


three cheers for making progress!!!

( remember... our forever remodeling job ... )

I'm not gonna lie. I'm the indecisive type. I went out and bought a bunch of knobs. I thought ...oh what a wonderful idea, then I can plug them in and SEE which looks the best...

yeah I still don't know :)

WELL actually, I do have a favorite. Unfortunatly my wallet has its own favorite.

We disagree alot.

So tell me... Which one is your favorite?!?!?!

or do you hate them all?

tell me!!!!

I mean, you input is requested and welcomed, thank you :) *sparkle*

p.s. ~ the fantastic little turtle thingy is NOT a knob choice. Natalie made it and she colored it perfectly to match her room :) She tells me she had a boy with an interesting shoe print step on it for just the right shell effect. Way to flirt Natty...