Thursday, June 17, 2010

My first FLIP video

Yesterday I bought the FLIP Mino HD.

I needed a video recorder to video Natalie's dance tomorrow, so she can practice it like crazy!!

...cuz tryouts are on Saturday :)

So I had me some fun testing it out...

YES I didn't wear any makeup today, and YES i look scary, and Yes i board (of course :) and Yes I love those shoes (thanks for the shoes ma) and Yes I am the newest member of the video addict club! and YES I am going to get the girls recital pics up by tomorrow (mark my word) and NO... Marley the dog some how didn't make the cut in the video, even though she's in the credits. Sorry Marley, maybe next time!

oh and YES this is the next song I am going to put on my blog... I love it. :)