Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I dream in architecture

This morning I was reading in my Phoenix Home and Garden magazine I got in the mail yesterday.

This is last months by the way. But I love this magazine. It is brimmin with beauty. I think even if I didn't live in the Phoenix area I would still subscribe.

But anyway it reminded me of last night when i was telling Mia that i dream in architecture. And what i mean by that is I literally, in my sleep {DREAM} of the most lovely structures I've never seen in my life. Never meaning, not something I've actually seen outside my dreams.

I mentioned to her that perhaps I was an architect in a past life... but wait, I don't believe in past lives. Or wait, do I? Maybe i do. Not reincarnation... no. Then something occurred to me that never had before.

What did we do before we came to earth??????

All that comes to mind is that we had spirits, we had a heavenly mother and father, there was a war and... i got nothing. oh wait, and we chose our families.

So if we chose our families I am assuming we knew and loved other spirits. Surely there was some sort of community.

How long were we there? What did we do? Did we have skills? Do they translate to {talents} here on earth? Did I miss the boat when I didn't go to school for architecture?

Oh I'm so mad at myself if that's the case.

I wish that my conscious brain could tap into what ever it is that my unconscious brain taps into to bring me the most amazing dreams. I'd be famous by now.

Or maybe God is just being kind to me. Knowing i crave beauty and architecture in the place I live... and also knowing that may never happen for me in this life. I get beauty in small doeses around here. Tomato colored chairs and what nots and stuff.

Speaking of beauty...

Anyone out there want to knit this for me? You see I don't knit. yet... perhaps someday, but for now I do not. And well you see I was looking up knitted hats on Etsy and mine eyes were filled with many lovely things. This being one of many.

Or if you have a mannequin head you want to donate to the photography cause, that would be accepted as well. Preferably without the O.J. mustache :) And also I find hair to be highly desirable in a mannequin head. Katy... do you think I'm creepy like the Dos Gringos people???

Who here wonders what I want with a mannequin head?

Do you think I've gone off the deep end?

Do you dream in anything particular?

If so... what?

Are you super glad I posted this picture of Lucy so we didn't have to go a single post without seeing her sweet little face??

Me too lollacw! (laughing out loud like a crazy woman)

oh and by the way I found that dress... stay tuned :)