Friday, May 22, 2009

it's a sucker... you lick it. Or bite it. whatever

Ok Lu, I'm gonna give you this yummy sucker... and you're gonna look super cute giving it dainty little licks while you smile and look adorable ok? Do we understand?

Look cute, lick sucker...

K actually no biting it. Just licks, ok?

Um... maybe like a little more dainty lick please.

You're biting aren't you?

It's ok. It's ok. We can still make this work.

Try the lick thing again.

K remember we're trying to lick like a dainty little lady. Lets try again...


Seriously?? ... K nevermind just feed it to your doll. Whatever.

{ Just a little something to keep myself... or you, entertained while I finish up the editing on the rest of the photos! }