Tuesday, May 26, 2009

two girls, a dolly, and a lolli... as promised.

Let me begin by saying there are way too many photos in this post. It's true. but frankly there are a few more I would have like to put in. I'm trying to spare you from photo-overload. You're welcome :)

We've been having some cloudy days. Which is nice since it's been an extremly hot May. It provided us with the chance to get out and take some photos.

This one is going to be blown up and put on canvas... because I love it.

So we had ourselves a little tea party. Just a girl and her dolly... and of course a lolli.

and then along came a friend!

This is Sadie. Our darling little neighbor friend.

Horray for friends! Aren't they just too cute together??

Sorry Katie, for keeping you on pins and needles so long... that was not my intention, it's just that there were all these hotdogs I had to eat yesterday, and grape sodas to drink. Had to be done, but I'm over it now.

Yes we had a lovely Memorial day. We relaxed by the pool with our hotdogs, popsicles, cake, icecream bars, and sodas. It was not a healthy day. We may need our stomaches pumped...

Oh and we did finally join the 21st century and buy a big ol plasma T.V.

Not my first choice to spent $1500 on but Chads a people too... and probably I'm not gonna be able to keep up my goodwill chair buying escapade if I don't throw Chad a bone every so often. This is a big bone... he should be gnawing on it for quite sometime right?

Oh and I think I forgot to mention that Chad did not get laid off. Such a relief :)

Sadie's toes...

Oh yes... back to the tea party... no tea of course.

I got this awesome headband at a bohemian market I stopped at after a photoshoot I did a couple Saturdays ago in downtown Mesa. I happened upon it and am I ever glad I did! And also Im glad I was paid in cash for the photoshoot. Perhaps Emily would be surprised to know not even one whole hour after the shoot I had exactly ONE DOLLAR left in my pocket... it was awesome. I call that a success!

You can find the girl that made the headband here, at Laurel Lane Designs.

Lucy... i love you... and your hair. I love your hair...

And Sadie... thanks for coming to our tea party. You were a delight...

oh my gosh Lu... you're amazing.

and wonderful...

And I feel bad because I think the dolly got jipped a little. So here she is...

in all of her whimsical glory :)

Oh and don't forget that tomorrow the winner of the dress will be chosen! I'm pretty excited!!!