Friday, May 1, 2009

i have 2 sisters...this is one of them.

Ok Lori, at first I was like... I'm only going to post like 3.

but then I was like, no way. 5. At least 5.

And it all just spun out of control from there...

Because I just love how these turned out! They are all so beautiful I couldn't seem to narrow it down!

And I know there have been some anxious to see these. And I figured we kept them in suspense long enough.

So for those of you that don't know... this is my lovely sister Lori. She is expecting a little baby girl May 16th (of course she's hoping for sooner) But Lori, you have to admit it would be kinda cool if she shared her birthday with mom... right?

We traveled to Sedona for this photoshoot. I am so glad we did because they are exactly what I envisioned!

Did I tell you that it was March? And it was cold? So cold. Oh and did I tell you of the indians that wanted to kill us (but mostly lori)?? No?

Well then... I surely must. You see pregnant ladies must make use of the restroom pretty frequently and well after a 2 hour drive to Sedona, a trip to the potty is high on the agenda list. So we pull into circle K. I am driving her car so of course I'm like trying to figure out the locky thing so all our stuff doesn't get hi-jacked whilst we're gone. Sedona can be a rough town you know. Feisty Indians and all.

Oh yes feisty Indians!

So I beep the horn because I am pressing the lock button like a mad woman... which caused Lori to jump and scream like a little girl, which was funny for me so as I'm chuckling over this there are these two burly indian women in a red pick-up (always in a pick-up, ever notice?) and the one of them uncannily mimics Lori's girly scream ROLLS HER EYES and then stares us down with THE look of death. Oh yes my friends, we were scared.

In we go. down a long dirty corridor to a single bathroom door. Lori grabs the handle and jiggles... it's locked. And then from the other side of the door we hear a man... sounded somewhat... distressed?? I don't know. Don't wanna know!

She looks at me and me at her... we peeled out of there oh so fast! In a rush to leave the parking lot before what ever was behind that door emerged... we almost didn't take note of the two burly Indian women continuing on with the scary death stare. We went to get in our car and they red pick-up starts backing out, I can't help but think they're going to block us in and beat us to within inches of our lives.

But they didn't. I must have an equally scary death stare, you better believe I was staring them right back down! Oh yeah, I'm tough don't mess with me!

But in reality, I'm not scary or tough at all. We could have died. This is real. What i learned from this experience is, don't act like a girl in the presence of Indians... they really hate that. Especially the girls ones. Possibly only the girls ones.

But not all Indians are scary.

For instance this one...

Lori was very patient. This kind Indian wanted to give the unborn child a blessing. He chanted... and waved his arms about...and sprinkled stuff places... While he was doing that, the wind was doing it's thing... a gust here, a gust there... oops, I think I've seen enough. Just say no to wearing flaps on breezy days :)

But seriously though Lori, I had so much fun and you we're so willing to do what ever my crazy brain came up with. Such an awesome subject to work with. An unforgettable sisterly outing!