Thursday, May 7, 2009

i could see from the zipper being half open, there was nothing inside.

I thought it pretty pathetic of myself that I didn't even attempt to get dressed today!

it was the first thing that went through my brain as I came into conciousness.

{brain} get up... take a shower.

{body} nope.

Even when I had to hop on a bike to ride with Kassidy to school. nothing.

I hope no one spotted me. I was trying to ride fast but I had a scooter attached to my handlebars. And even if I didn't Kassidy was riding S-L-O-W. As we started down the street, Kassidy with her luggage on her back ... {I can't know why she insists on taking luggage to school} I say, What about your viola?

oh yeah.

there is nothing like waiting in the middle of the street on a bike in your pj's, hair askew, with a scooter straddling your handle bars wearing mismatched knee high socks for your daughter to emerge with her luggage, viola, and bookbag.

You need luggage and a book bag??

Like I said I hope no one spotted us.

This is the photographer's equivalent to *sound check*.

cue the lighting.

or wait, is it cue the fairy princess...

In other news today, I cleaned my closet out. Don't mind that it is actually much messier than before.

I am living in a small house... somethings are just going to have to go!

You can't believe the treasures I found! This isn't regular closet cleaning. This is go through every bucket in there cleaning. Including my cedar chest full of what I must have at one point deemed really important.

like my headgear.

of course I tried it on for Chad. Wouldn't you have?

and that dress from the 90's I got from guess with the people making out all over it. I should take a picture of that before I get rid of it.

No wait, what I should really take a picture of is me wearing that dress from the 90's, and my headgear, AND my dinkles from marching band. Now that would be a cool photo!

cue the dorky band nerd please.

Don't worry I'll keep you posted. not.