Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lit'l bit of sunshine.

Finally! I've been waiting so long to have the time to sew up some of those little [Oliver and S] outfits!

Are they ever cute!

Up till 2 am sewing... zero regrets!

This pattern is the Swingset tunic and skirt pattern. I used Fabric by one of my Favorite designers... [Heather Bailey]. Actually the pink dotties are from someone else but I can't remember who...

Can I just tell you... I am soooo in love with sun flare. I'm not saying I'm awesome at it... what I am saying is, I'm gonna keep at it in hopes of someday being awesome at it :)

I've been slow to reply to emails... and facebook I am trying to avoid all together. My apologies if I've been terrible to get a hold of lately. I just feel like somethings are possibly going by the way side... that perhaps shouldn't.

Like cleaning. We seem to have a fruit fly infestation and I can't find where the problem is coming from. I've thrown out all kinds of fruit, good and bad... take trash out constantly... still they pester.

Today I decided i was going to turn the vacuum hose on and just vacuum them up. I'm pretty good at getting them in mid-flight... once they're gone, off goes the vacuum... turn around... there they are again! They really like my bathroom and my kitchen sink. Oh and for some strange reason my abercrombie jeans. They love those!

And then there's all these things in my brain... decisions I have to make. Possibly life changing decisions... Can't get a focus on them... Can't think through anything.

I just loved this picture. It's like a triangle of cuteness. Tongues. hands. apples.

pretty great huh!

Oh and one other thing... that dress. The one i was going to do a giveaway on, i can't find it. Could it be my current non-cleaning status? I don't know how I lose a whole dress. I do still want to do the giveaway though so as soon as I locate it we'll get that going.

"Mom, can I have a peanut butter and sandwich?" sure baby anything for you...

love your XANADU