Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fool. Me.

Today was endless.

endless sewing.

Last week I made Kassidy a dress from Studio Tantrum's "Feliz dress" It's a German pattern and the instructions we're sketchy to say the least. I went to JoAnns for fabric because it takes ALOT of fabric and I was just so unsure if I was going to be able to pull it off.

Thank goodness I found a tutorial online.

Anyway Natalie was dying for one of these dresses, and well Easter is coming up so...

All day I sewed.

Well that and checked my email. What else am I gonna do while I rip seams and gather ruffles? (oh my gosh SO many ruffles)

And then Natalie came home from school. She wondered what jokes we could play on Kassidy or daddy.

And I brushed her off... I'm so busy sewing her a dress you know!

And so the jokes on me.

Because when I settle back into my comfy little tomato colored chair for the millionth email check something is different...

The mouse... it feels weird. Wrong.

And when I look at what I'm holding in my right hand I find that it is not my mouse, but a bar of soap.

And it makes me laugh. And I look back at Natalie, she smiles. And I smile back at her.

Very clever Natalie.