Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fair warning.


if you're gonna cry during a photoshoot... I'm gonna capture it.

{that goes for everyone}

Local p h o t o g r a p h e r

in search of...

hip new shooting locations!

Any ideas {BIG or small} share share share.

Man alive was it hot today! The news people kept saying we were gonna hit 100...

Indeed believable.

And BTW... I thought I'd mention this one tid bit of dining info. Dos Gringos. Skip it.

Maybe thats not fair since we didn't really eat there but here's the thing...

Chad always suggest this place to eat... I always disagree. Upon further pestering of hubby that never chooses anything i say fine I'll give it a chance.

I must have been wearing my bad idea jeans.

1. We park... Chad steps in gum... (me: told ya so)

2. Upon entering Door closes so fast behind Chad it actually smacks him in the butt. (I'm laughing so hard reliving this in my brain it is making typing near impossible!)

3. Does not smell of food inside.

4. Looks like a miniture golfcourse inside. NOT the arcade area where you might eat food, but the actual golfcourse. Except not at your local miniture golfcoures... somewhere much further away like say mexico.

5. Smells of rusty nails inside.

The one perk is that no one greets you coming in so the staff doesn't actually see you till you're running as fast as you can out the door... oh and don't let the door hit you on your way out!

Oh and the one other perk (for me only) I get to give Chad "the look" for the rest of the day!!

So worth it!