Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You should have seen her, she really did look beautiful.

I lay in bed contemplating my day. Eyes closed, brain wide open. All too aware of the cake patiently waiting for me in the freezer.

I stumble out of bed. my head hurts, my nose hurts, my eyes hurt. This can't be happening...

There stands Natalie at my mirror brushing away at her silky smooth hair. That same hair that just two days ago was a frizzled mess. She looks beautiful, i think.

"Natty, you feel warm, why don't you stay home today", I offer.

That's when i see it.

Oh Neti! Am I ever glad to see you today!

and all of a sudden hope fills my day again.

Not to mention there's something about seeing grandma and grandpa that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's no wonder I keep them where I can see them often.

I wonder what grandma's doing today.

i miss you guys...