Friday, April 3, 2009

flickr anyone?

Sometimes an impromptu trip to the park...

is just what you need.

Let me begin by saying that this hat is the very first thing Lu put on after her shower yesterday. So in other words the hat doesn't match her clothes...

her clothes match her hat :)

I have to tell you what happened though...

all because I just so happened to grab my camera on the way out the door for some kiddo leisure time...

A few days ago I joined flickr. I wanted to be a part of this group called "eye candy actions" headed up by one of my favorite photographers to stalk... Sheye Rosemeyer (Which I just noticed shes doing an eye candy giveaway so go enter!)

I posted this photo yesterday...

Then this morning I woke up way too early and checked my flickr... and to my utter surprise there were 2 comments on this photo and one was from Sheye herself! This is what they said...

lisa jordan photo says:
At first glance, l thought this was a bona fide Sheye. Gorgeous!

Sheye Rosemeyer says:
Wow, I totally agree. I thought it was one of mine too!!
(In a good way, I mean!.. Just that coloring I love..)
S x

Now you tell me how a girl can sleep after that!

Giddy is the word I'm gonna use to describe it!

By the way... I have absolutly zero friends on flickr so if you have a flickr and you'd like to be my flickr friend please add me. Im so lonesome on there.