Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tid Bits


Thought so.

I have 5 zits in various stages on my face right now and I just want to know whats up with that?? It's like I'm a teenager all over again except this time I'm a zitty teenager with wrinkles and gray hairs popping up all over the place! Yippe

Not to make me sound like some superhumanteenageprinecess or anything... but I really never did get it that bad. But lets not forget that my skin is so dry there's a medical term for all the dry patches all over my face which really stinks because they get all inflamed and what not if I wear makeup of any kind, so currently I get to go around looking like dumpy old woman. I splurge on Sunday but I pay for it the rest of the week. And dry skin wrinkles alot easier, so to be zitty or not to be zitty... that is the question...for which i have no answer!

Maybe it's my intolerance for lactose. Am I lactose intolerant? I dunno.

I hate milk so that could be construed as one form of intolerance to lactosey products right? Plus I never drink milk so if I did decide to start drinking it now perhaps my body would have plum forgotten how to digest it?

You know that Williams Sonoma dark Hot Chocolate is supposed to be made with milk right?

And no hot chocolate is complete without freshly whipped cream on top (uber-lactosey) ... Sprinkled with more and more chocolate! It's quite possible that I may need to lay off the lactose...and/or sugar. (chocolate? please say no)

This is a funny story that I must remember forever so here goes it...

For Chad's birthday I was determined to get him some new jeans... and we all know you have to be there to try them on so a few days prior we were at the mall and Express was having a sale, I found some jeans that were like $20. Thats a good price for jeans right? So we got them.

On his actual birthday we went down to buckle because everyone knows that Buckle is THE place to go for sexy jeans right? Right.

I pick up like 5 pair send him off to the fitting room.

First pair... I like those...

Second pair... Pretty sexy...

Third pair... Woo-Hoo

fourth...S'all good

Fifth... no way. Those are a definite no.

Chad: "These are my pants that we just bought from Express"

Oopsies... I mean they're pretty cool... I just meant I'm not going to spend $100 on them they're super sexy good for $20.?!? Right? Please don't throw them away. I love them! I swear!

I like to speak in double negatives. It's very confusing and fun for everyone involved.

Don't not think I won't! (not?)

Because I totally won't not! If that means I will... well then thats what i was hoping it meant. I confuse myself alot when doing this so I should probably stop soon.

On Monday I am going to Alan Lowy... he is a photographer. I pay him, he helps me be better. ( I will be refraining from speaking double negative talk with him)

He asked me to bring a portfolio. He's going to rip it to shreds... I just know it. I am preparing for it and hopefully I will not cry and also hopefully I will take his expert opinion and make good use of it. In fact I've been wanting someone to do that and I always knew I would have to pay for constructive critisism...

Believe me when I say I want this.

Because knowing is half the battle.

More on this topic later.

I had more to write but I forgot...

So I guess I will just end this by saying... I hate Oprah. (that one was for you, stace!) Also don't buy Pepsi, Frito-lay or Tropicana. (Also on Staceys behalf) I really do hate Oprah though, not because Stacey hates her too.