Monday, January 19, 2009

When Chad is here I sleep lengthwise...

And when he's gone, I sleep diagonal in the bed. (random title)

Is it crazy that I take my camera everywhere I go? I had some serious debating to do with myself on this occasion... because i feel a bit like a weirdo luggin that thing everywhere! I initially locked it in the car, but about 2 step later I was fishing it out from under the console where I hide it from all the sneaky camera snitching thieves. Also I keep my car very ghetto looking - cracked windshield, car wash once every 2 years, grill overflowing with all types of cool bugs, grimy kids prints all down the side, and if that doesn't keep them out the smell on the inside along with the debris... they're not getting far. I like that red blinky light too, makes people think we have a state of the art alarm on our little family style jalopy. Sweet move Honda!

Ok you saw my water, which was at least as good as any I've had. That was just a tester shot, but it was shiny and I like shiny. this next one is also a tester shot...

But I figure you'd want to check out some of the happy Houston's customers. Did you know that Bob Saget once ate at Houston's? Well It's true just ask Lori.

So what is this, a restaurant review?? No!

This is what I got Lori (my little sister) for Christmas! Yep, as I was trying to think of what I could get Lori that would be totally awesome I decided on a lunch date at Houston's. And whats so great about Houston's you ask?

Seriously glad you asked...

'Evil Jungle Thai Steak Noodle Salad'

What do you see in there? if you said, steak, noodles and thai dressing you'd be right, but its so much more! Avacados, mint leaves, peanuts, mango, basil leaves, scalllions, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes... probably more but who can keep track of all that! It is so worth the drive out to Scottsdale!

And no Mumsie, it does NOT resemble the flavor of a baby doll head! What does a baby doll head taste like anyway? (If you do happen to trek out there to get a taste of this amazing dish, do yourself a huge favor and strike that last comment from the record!)

Lori's bite...

As promised... I ate every dag-blasted peanut on that plate! Boy can I ever lick a plate clean! This is not dainty dish either! I just packed it in... hey it's not every day I get to delight in the ways of the Evil Jungle Thai Steak Noodle Salad, which by the way they've changed the name on the menu but it's so boring now I can't even remember it!

And no proper Christmas gift would be complete without the delectableness of the finest chocolate fudge sundae this side of the ?? Mississippi?? Did I get that right?

This is the absolute best sundae ever! It is $8 and worth every penny! Incase you weren't jealous enough from that last picture I thought I'd throw in another shot with that ultra decadent chocolate sauce gooing down the side... hehe

Lori, that was awesome! i had SO much fun! I love that we have a special restaurant, the way couples have a special song... by the way... whats your's and Jer's song? mine and Chad's is "Blue Moon" by the Marcelles. Neither of us particularly like this song but when your dating its just the song that sticks out right? is it? Can I pick a new one? Sadly I've tried, they don't stick! Ya get what you get and you don't throw a fit right??

If our waitress didn't think I was crazy enough taking a picture of - first, my tasty dish, second my empty plate (admittedly that was a little strange of me) and then the sundae of my dreams... I know she was shocked when I snapped this shot of the check...

But then again, maybe she was getting used to it. She's lucky we didn't ask her to pose with us!

nice check huh? WORTH IT! I cannot stress that enough! So good.