Monday, January 26, 2009

What Santa Does in the Off Season...

And here I was thinkin it was going to be a big bummer that Chad now has Saturdays off. I've gotten quite use to him having Mondays and Tuesdays off. Here's the great thing about that...

We never have a 45 minute wait to eat.

Ski resorts are practically abandoned.

Plenty of up-front parking just about everywhere.

Hotels are way cheaper mid week.

In a nutshell... I hate people. (totally kidding) but hey I can't deny that some things (almost everything) is awesomer with less people in the picture.

Remember that bumper sticker I saw in Jackson Hole, WY?


hehe... I totally want one of those... and one for my mom too :)

So anway, Saturday I came to the realization that we're free!! Because the one bad thing about all the above listed is that the kid(s) are always in school so none of that other stuff really matters.

You think we're getting a cheap hotel mid-week? No because we aren't going anywhere mid-week!

Saturday upon realizing we're free... we decided to make to most of it and take the kids over to the old ghost town in the superstitions. It was fun to be out doing something together. Lucy was a total crack up.

Here she is meeting "Santa"

This guy was the tour guide for the mining tour. We go to sit down and wait and first thing this old man says to Lucy..."Why hello there little girl" which she responded, " Are you Santa"? Well turns out he sometimes is Santa at the malls and stuff. Every couple minutes or so Lucy would blurt out "SANTA...(something totally cute)" She is very into Santa.

Here's a picture of Kass and Nats down in the dark mine.

The tour was some what boring... Santa really knows how to drag it out to make people feel like they got their moneys worth. There is that one unforgettable moment when Santa turned the light off... he came right up to Lu before the lights went out and said, "are you scared of the dark?" to which she nodded with a sad worried little look on her face.

Then he says, "If your scared of the dark, close you eyes because I'm going to turn off the lights"

the lights went off... (silence)

(silence interrupted)

Lucy: "Santa... could you turn the lights on!"

I think we all agreed that Lucy was the best part of the tour.

We got out of the mine just before the icecream shop closed so we figured the kids should probably have some icecream before dinner... come to find out it's a good way to get kids to eat their dinner. You see before you give it to them you remind them that they haven't eaten dinner yet and you make them promise that they will eat all their dinner without complaints... they pretty much agree to anything... its kind of like asking your hubby for something in the middle... oh ummm nevermind.

We had so much fun!