Friday, November 14, 2008

I have a Xanadu

I live there. I happily gloriously live there. (In my Xanadu)

Hey i had to look it up too. But you kinda have to admit it's a pretty awesome word. My new favorite. (You didn't have to look it up? oh... *blushing sheepishly*)

This is monumental! Maybe... well I have been 29 for 3 years now so... I guess its about time I got one!

My very first antique!

I hope the picture is big enough for ya! Don't want you to miss a single fuzz ball!

So I know Nothing about antiques. For all I know this is some poor old woman's chair, that she bought in the 70's, who had her house flooded in hurricane Katrina so she had her burly neighbor man chuck it by the side of the road for her. Then Mrs. Miyoko (not passing up on an opportunity this great) swipes it for her little mesa antique shop! That's one possibility...

The tag said "old old chair" I guess that means its old. But maybe not too old. But probably really old. right? The tag said so.

Oh and my neighbor said that her mother-in-law had a couch to match so that's a pretty good sign that it's at least as the tag said, an "old old chair". (Because she likes antiques...not because she's old old)

any chair that can make my baby smile this big is OK with me!

Ahh so I was probably taken. I paid $80 for it so if anyone knows anything about antiques then please let me know if you think i got ripped off. Because you see I won't know on my own seeing as how, like I mentioned earlier, I know nothing about antiques!

Lori- This picture is for you. It reminds me of that painting you painted. Doesn't it?

If it had a bow? I could be remembering wrong. I do that.

Sometimes impromptu photoshoots give me the most wonderful treasures!

I got this chair for photoshoots. My one dirty little white chair was beginning to bore me. You cant tell very well in that humongus picture but this chair is quite petite making it ideal for sweet little ones.

Now listen up! I came across this blog which I won't put a link to because it has seriously been keeping me up at night and I wouldn't want to do the same to you, but something was said on there that is so true and yet so not realized by us lucky moms who have been blessed with children that stay alive!

This struck quote her directly...

"It's something you can't possibly realize fully until it's gone..that every person out there who has all of their children does in fact exist in their very own Xanadu. We didn't know that our happiness was so completely and utterly tied up in the simple fact that all of our children were here and healthy. That the ability to feel true, untainted joy would also be lost the day Ava left. I can't ever go back and live in that perfect World, I can't ever again experience happiness not tinged with sadness. I didn't know it when I had it and I can't have it now I know what it is.All I can do is keep sharing what I have remind every person out there who does have all their children to just be so, so thankful, to let go of the small stuff and to trust me when I say you have absolutely everything you need."

So when you're having a bad day and you think you're unhappy, just remember that you are happy! You are! You're not not because you ARE! If your children are alive and well you have everything you need! They are the absolute key to your happiness. Having spent hours reading her blog I try to keep that in my head as I go throughout my day, because I have everything to be thankful for! I have untainted happiness and thats the way I like it!

I seriously cried while reading that blog. My heart aches for that family.

On to "Animalus Stuffus" (stuffed animals) Don't worry this is short. And besides its really for me not you. But I still like you k!

Yesterday I asked the kids to help me clean because this place was looking like something off the corner of 52nd street and VanBuren... a ratty dump hole.

Anyway Kassidy cleaned Lucy's room and I thought it was cute the way she sat all these animals together. I went to grab my camera like a nerd would, and when Kassidy saw that I was taking a picture of it she said, "You like that? I did that!" Then she grabbed that little chihuahua that was off to the side and was like, "squish in there little fella". It was so cute. So I leave you with this...

And that chubby little hand is about 5 second from swiping them all onto the floor! Whew that was a close one!

Squeeze your kids and love them every second and know you really are so so happy!