Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm so distressed

Yeah... you heard me I'm distressed all over. Why is it after midnight again? I can't get to bed at a decent hour... I stopped by my ma's house today to pick up a few thing and whilst I was there I swiped a book... hehe (good girls don't steal) I'll give it back probably. it's called...

Who's not looking for more ways to be totally miserable right? So of course I picked it up!

I half read it already. Maybe more but I was driving most of the time so *watch out* (reading and driving is a questionable activity- note mostly at lights :))

And so I find-

"I wish I could stand on a busy corner, hat in hand and beg people to throw me all their wasted hours" - Bernard Berenson

Yeah that would be great! I waste so many of my own hours I could really use a few of someone else's so I could lavishly waste my time and yet still have enough time to get something fantastical done!

(obviously I have my own take on that statement...meaning "not what he meant")

blogging... It's seriously cutting into my floor mopping/dish scrubbing/diaper chucking/bacon sizzling/kid chasing/jump up and down and lose it for a minute time! but I like it...

Oh yeah... the whole reason for it all. I'm distressed all over. Not kidding. I had craft hour(s) with myself tonight. I got distress ink from my fingers to my elbows. I'm lookin good!And though the point was to glue to paper to the frame (some serious HFPE leftovers) I think my table thinks it got a makeover! Well it'll probably soak off right?

Maybe tomorrow I will post a picture because to tell you the truth I bought some awesome Amy Butler paper and I was bragging and being stoked about it all and


Thats right. Its ok. Ok seriously its too busy. I forgot something. Hello Jill... solids! I normally would have had a solid but them fancy paper paddy thingies are too fancy-shmancy for solids... which is how it should be but...ahhh my fault!


Did I post this at 11:08 PM... no blogger, I didn't, it's like 1 AM. 11PM would be a dream!

ok g'night for reals!