Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things That Made Me Smile Today

I've been tagged. I tried to chop chop as wendy put it, but man I have been so busy lately! Without further ado...

Four places that I go to over & over:

* my little computer chair
* grocery store
* bathroom
* and back to the computer chair! Not so interesting is it?

Four people who E-mail/call me regularly:

* My mom
* Lori
* people that want my money (like I have any!)
* blockbuster (apparently they want their movies back)

Four of my favorite places to eat:

* Gecko Grill
* Joe's BBQ (gotta love the homemade rootbeer, unless your katie then you hate it)
* Houston's (Evil Jungle Thai Steak Noodle Salad)
* Sees Candies

Four places I would rather be right now:

* in my bed.
* snuggling Lu.
* Jamaica (never been so I can't know for sure but probably)
* sitting in my future bed and breakfast.

Four people I love:

* Kassidy
* Natalie
* Lucy Emma Jane (all one person, i didn't cheat)
* Chaddy

Four TV shows I watch:

* The Office
* Jericho (till it ended)
* I don't watch tv much sorry
* I don't know...

Four people I tag:

* Katie
* uhhhhh... who wants to be tagged?
* You
* Tawna

I wanted to post some pictures of Kassidy as a baby. The reason being that I want to okay? But really I was looking through these today and she was making me smile. She lives in my Xanadu with me... isn't she beautiful??

Oh and quite the messer... still is!

This next picture always cracks me up! This was at an Indata Christmas party at Rockin 'R' Ranch. They do old time photos and Kassidy was perfect for this part! Kassidy, seriously, you could definitely star in a western! Who else do you spot in the picture?? Anybody recognize themselves??

And then there's the picture of Kassidy sitting in the window of what is now Lucy's room while our first and only house was being built! Look how little she was there! Golly was that a sunset or what! Wow...

And Kassidy soaks in the sun...I have always loved this photo... this is true bliss. Really this picture defines her. Basking in the sun, taking in all that light and glory... ok I'm cheesy but really Kassidy is sunshine!

Still a goofball as most of you know. but a cute goofball!

She loved Grammy's magnifying glass... where'd that go?

Kassidy making cookies with Tyler... check the curls!

And living proof that I have been interested in photography much longer than most of you know! My homemade set, still you gotta admit It's pretty good...Point and shoot and all! actually it's not that good but I mean for, oh nevermind, I like it.

Also I want to say thanks to Katie for taking me out for a night on the town, (even if it was in oldie-land)Kidding! Love old folks... it's who I get along with. We went to dinner at outback which was yummy of course and then we went to a movie. Secret life of Bees??? Something like that... it was sad but good. And overall happy with a underlying sadness... she had no Xanadu. Did you think I was kidding about that being my new favorite word? Ha! Never! I had fun and it was nice to get out and just not be home... ya know? So thanks Katie I had an awesome time!

Off to bed.