Friday, November 7, 2008

A big ol Juicy...

So you think groceries are expensive... Well they are. But there is something you can do about it!

I started doing this about January of this year and it has been a real eye opener! See all these? This is from todays shopping trip.

And what was the grand total you ask?


Just for a little refrence, those little purple boxes are Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath bars (3 pack). Regular price is $4.29

This doesn't even include the 7 boxes of Tylenol and 2 packages of razors I got a rain check for that will be free after my coupons!!

So you think those coupon nerds are annoying huh! *spanks for you*

I think the word you're looking for is SMART! (hey, I don't see the cashier high-fiving you on your way out the door!)

This is not an unusual trip for me... just so happens that I decided to post it in case someone out there is looking for ways to save. I'm not going to say there is no work involved but the website I use (which thanks to Jennifer moved me up a notch on the smarts scale) does the hard work of matching sales to coupons for you. It is so great. If you want more info just ask I would love to help you save!

Now for more on Lu...

Check out this hair (horrible picture I know) I almost never do her hair and now I know not to bother!

All day it was like this! Seriously made me laugh all day. Poor thing probably thought I was making fun of her but really I was because it was so weird!

Then something else weird happened...

I have to be honest... this in not the first time I have seen her straight up chomp down an onion, but it still shocks me every time. I couldn't believe it. I was just cleaning up after dinner and there was half an onion sitting on the counter from the salsa and she just reached up, grabbed it and ate it! 4 big ol bites! Like it was a sweet juicy apple or something! I love onions but it's really unexpected for a baby to like them. And what where her remarks you ask??

"Dat's hot"

And what was her favorite candy she got on halloween?? You'll never guess...


It's shocking I tell you. I keep wondering what I ate while I was pregnant with her that could make her hair so crazy and her tastebuds all goofy! But I love her...