Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things at or near Ford Island, HI...

My guess is that if you weren't highly impressed with my last post then you'll probably like this one just as much :)

Sorting through over a thousand photos from our little trip to Hawaii has been quite the undertaking! I've been trying to decide how to do this and this is what I came up with...

post 1: Pearl Harbor.

The rest of the posts: willy nilly.

Got to break this up into different posts as just one would annoy me greatly. I go a little crazy if it takes more than 10 seconds to reach the bottom of a post scrolling at top speed.

Without further ado, Pearl Harbor...

This first photo is inside the memorial of the U.S.S. Arizona which was sunk by the Japanese in the attacks on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It looks out to the dock ( port? ) that the U.S.S Arizona used to be tied up to.

The names of the 1177 sailors and marines that died on the U.S.S Arizona that terrible morning. That number represents the greatest loss of life in US naval history and more than half of all the men that were killed at pearl Harbor that day

Here you can see part of the boat that sticks up from the water. It was a shallow grave for all those brave sailors whos bodies still remain in the boat. I was surprised to learn that it only took 10 minutes to fully sink and it burned for 2 days!

I was completely intrigued by the beautiful swirls of oil that were coming from the sunken boat. In the above photo you can see me and Chad looking over the bridge into the pretty oily water.

maybe I could sell them as souvenirs... (you have to say this in your best popcorn peddler at a baseball game voice otherwise it makes no sense)

that's right, step on up... get your pretty oil over the sunken ship postcards here!

Think I'd get any takers?

I though this one of the pearl Harbor skyline was just so lovely. I mean I'm not usually I great lover of skyline photos but did you see the pretty oil on the bottom half there? Are you with me here?

And you may remember this tower from such movies as... well I forget, but the tour guide said its been in a few movies so if you know which ones shout out so we can all know. thanks.

A little snap of Chad looking so pretty with his Hawaiian flower tucked behind his ear. I added this for you incase you were all worried there would be no people snaps :) you're welcome.

While we were there we toured the U.S.S. Bowfin. ~cue the cute mummy and dad~ I haven't really figured out why it's there or what part it played in the Attacks but it's there, and well, when I go on vacation with my dad we tend to tour submarines. Thats normal right? I mean how many submarines have you been on? I've been on at least 4!

So now I will attempt to bore you with some of the things I found inside the submarine!

but truthfully it wont work because

a) submarines are awesome

b) this one was especially beautiful inside.

c) ... see for yourself!

What we have here is (... ohhh what do they call these?? it's on the tip of my tongue! ) um binocular thingies on the top deck? ok well this is the right eye hole. It took me a few tries to get this just how i wanted it and the geezer behind me was so obviously perturbed with me. he was vibing me a slice of "move it sista!"

But i don't take back my overstay because I fancy this photo alot.

I can't quite remember what purpose we decided these wheels and gauges served but do they or do they not remind you of kitchen appliances circa 1950's?

I wasn't born then so I am probably wrong about this. Feel free to let me know if I am way off.

Everything in this room was shiny and beautiful as can be! The torpedo room! I loved the color version of this but somehow the black and white gave it just the right feel. I saved a color one for you too it's just down a pic or two :)
* please note: it's not the exact same photo, same torpedo room though.

I've seen things like this at antique shops and I've wondered where they come from... I say to chad ... lets get us one of those whenst we come upon one at Goodwill.... and now I know that will never happen.

Did I tell you or what! That baby is shiny! She's a beaut. Would you ever expect such loveliness in a war machine?

This last photo was snapped as we were leaving. Lu decided Chad needed a big ol lick!

I know yesterday was veterans day so maybe technically this is a day late but I am so grateful for the men and women that serve this country! Standing there on that bridge over all those brave sailors who lost their lives evoked some somber feelings. It was very peaceful there even with all the visitors.

This was one of my very favorite things we did/saw in Hawaii.

I promise next time I have some landscape photos to bore you...

HAHA!! just kidding.

Let there be kids. Let there be waves. Let there be sun and let it all come together in photographical bliss. (I hope)

though I do have some landscape photos to intermingle :) I was in Hawaii... how could I not??

Oh yeah and one more thing { I almost forgot } if your in the Gilbert area and need something fun to do Saturday come on down to the Gilbert Day's Parade! You can see Natalie and her little *firecracker* friends shaking their tail feathers!!