Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don't worry, I'm not done with Oahu just yet

Fine. You win photobucket.

I didn't know the rules and now I am being forced to post Kauai all out of whack like. And when I say forced I mean I don't want to pay the $24.99/year fee to upload unlimited gigs of photos.

Yeah yeah technically it is all my fault. Back when my plan was to post all willy nilly, I went on an uploading rampage and well now all I can show you is part of our awesome time in Kauai! (this being till Dec. 1st)


{ Refer to the above issue when wondering where all the photos of Natty are. }

Ok so here we are in Kauai. We stayed at the Sheraton near poi pu beach. It was of course gorgeous in every way. This particular morning Lucy woke me up at about sunrise and instead of putting a pillow over my head (which is standard procedure at home) I looked out the window and it was so pretty I asked her if she's like to go down to the beach with me and take some photos.

She did. not surprised are you.

Well once we got down there we walked close to the water letting the waves get up to about our ankles. Until the big unexpected one came for us. That's when we scooted our soggy britches upward a bit and avoided the water altogether. In fact Lucy avoided it the whole rest of the trip.

Beautiful sunrise though huh?

Lucy spent all of her beach time in the sand a safe distance from the big scary waves.

There was something Lucy loved... the pool. It had an area that was just the right amount deep for her... if you look close in my dad glasses you can see it...

Seriously... you didn't really try that did you?


I was mostly kidding. Not about them sitting by the pool though. That's really real.

I was trying my darndest to be sneaky when taking these. I always feel weird when people catch me photographing them. is it so wrong?

You come to the beach showin off all your surfer boy tricks in the vicinity of a girl sporting a camera hooked to some sweet glass... you're getting your photo taken.

Make no mistake about it.

Do you like how the sun made a pretty little superman symbol and Chad's booty?

One thing we did learn for sure it that there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING going on in Kauai on Halloween night.

Even so, the kids insisted on dressing up. In fact I spent a good whole day before we left scurrying around to get all the pieces to kassidy's costume. Not to mention sewing well into the night because no one makes a Zoey Mew Mew costume. NO ONE! Well except me I guess :)

my apologies for the bad photo of kassidy. It was in the hall at night... flash seemed to be my best option.

Even the front desk at the hotel couldn't scrounge up any candy for them. It was pretty sad. So we went outside and attempted to at the very least get some photos of them.

Well would you believe Lucy was the only one who sat still enough to get any kind of decent capture in such low light?

BELIEVE IT! You won't find me posting a single picture of my other kids on halloween night.

I think I have them all convinced the wear the same costumes next year.

*me crossing my fingers*

I loved this one with the glow from the tiki torch.

And then there's this one. I think I was moving not her.

Somehow the blur seems to add to this particular photo. To me anyhow. You may detest it if you like. No matter.

I leave you now with this one (of many) photos of the best sunset I've ever seen in my life! Right there on the north end of the Na pali Coast at Ke'e beach...

so beautiful, the photo doesn't even do it justice.

and now I go eat pie. (I like to practice up for the real thing :)