Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oops! my mistake.

We visited the Dole pineapple plantation when were were on Oahu. it took my dad a few hours to realize that the pineapples sticking out of the bushes were actual pineapples growing on an actual pineapple bushes...

and not fake pineapples on sticks that the plantation workers use to decorate so it "looks" like a pineapple plantation :)

hahaha. Kinda like at dinner last sunday when he admitted to just now figuring out what they mean by half, three quarter, and full bath!

It's ok dad I asked the guy at Mi Amigos what the heck a green onion was!

seriously people their called scallions!

Anyhoo, when we were there we went in their little maze... which I think it's a cruel joke they play on unsuspecting tourists. Or maybe it's fun I guess. I dunno...


I thought this was the biggest snail I'd ever seen.

But that was only until we went to dinner a few nights later after it had rained ALOT

That, my friends, is when I actually saw the largest snail in the world!

Imagine a grapefruit. Now use your mind powers to turn that into a snail shell and then picture like this big overcooked New York Strip loin, no it was bigger think porterhouse.... writhing around in it sliminess. *shutter*

My kids wanted to take it home to be our beloved pet :)

Yah, no kidding! That thing's the size of a small dog.

(Yes i am feeling the shame of missing that photo op. Try not to rub it in too mucho)

*just for fun*....now that you've read the whole post go back and look at how the snail looks like a snail shaped rootbeer popsicle.