Saturday, November 14, 2009

they're real and they're fabulous! right. were talking about eyelashes here.

*Hawaii Interrupted*

This morning we got to get up extra early and have some family fun time!

Thanks to this gal...

Pretty isn't she. No you can't have her. She's mine all mine!

and she's my dancing gal.

Today was the Gilbert Day's parade I was telling you about in my last post. Remember? We had to drop Natty off bright and early.

who invited the clouds and the brisk chill in the air? The first chilly day in eons and were front and center taking it all in. In other words no one brought a jacket and we froze, but not to death.

oh wait... I guess Nats had a sweatshirt but I have a feeling those legs were popsicles :)

therse girls were by far the best looking dance team there!

If perchance you're wondering if it's very difficult to get a pony all slicked up that high on ones head, I'm gonna have to go with most definitely!

It's what I like to call the 20 min pony... as opposed to the one I do in my hair which takes T-minus 2 seconds :)

We were so happy Savannah came to hang with us at the parade. And of course Lori too...

Your probably asking yourself what this is even a picture of.

hair people... it's the hair. I'm smitten by her hair.

I'm having high hopes i won't get in trouble for posting a picture of my mom. You know how moms can be a little camera shy at times. Sorry mom I just adored it so :)

the tall bike club... or whatever. No clue who these people are but they can ride bikes stacked on bikes and thats cool. this one was my personal favorite! i think it may have had something to do with pink and a basket.

And here comes our dancers!!

On the float we have the snap caps and the sparklers. Their costume is adorable but due to the use of fishnet pantyhose I think i boycott. It's just kids + pantyhose = spending lots of money buying more.

There she is!! We totally hooped and hollared it up!

Some of her little firecracker friends. Adorable aren't they?

They look pooped. And so am I. I think I will put myself down for a nap.

Oh you'll probably be seeing lots more of these girls on here!

next time just come to the parade like I said to!