Sunday, November 29, 2009

my turkey coma.

You know when you eat alot of turkey, or maybe just some... (i don't eat that much turkey- always fill up on potatoes and it's completly mandatory to save room for pie)

... anyways, you know when you eat the turkey and then you feel a little drowsy like the world is spinning peacefully, lulling you into sleepdom?

but your sister won't zip it.

She just keeps talking and talking... Even though your eyes keep closing. Maybe they open briefly when your called upon to answer but find themselves closing again at any given chance...

then all the sudden she stops. Or atleast you think she stops.

it's hard to be sure what just happened because for a moment you slipped away.

I heard it click Lori!

I know that click!

and there you have it. Turkey coma documented.

by lori. My sister.

who sometimes goes by lolo sansbromo.