Monday, November 16, 2009


here we go... I will try to keep these in somewhat chronological order. Mostly for my sake.

It only took the mere stepping off of the plane for my hair to frizzle up into a bouncy ball of fluff. I wasn't alone though so that was comforting. My mom and Natalie were battling the fluff head with me the whole trip.

We stayed at the Ko'olina. It was beautiful. This is the view from our room...

actually thats only part of it. Darnit for not having a wide angle lens! I think you get the picture though.

If you wondered... yes thems are my people down there on the beach!

This was the beach at the hotel. They had it bayed off so the waves were so very mild which was wonderful for Lucy. She thought she loved the beach for atleast 2 days!

Imagine her dismay when we got to Kauai and the waves bowled her over and tried desperately to drag her back into the ocean with the rest of the debris it carries in its waves.

this photo very closely follows the no rules photography rule.

but atleast she loved it for 2 days worth. So anyway this is what we did...

My mom made the mistake of going up to her room to relax for a bit... when she came down i had my kids teetering on the edge of the reef getting hit by the waves... she was not impressed.

look at their faces, they love it :)

And then this wave came... and we called it quits.

It was big. bigger than big. Mom just about ramsquattled me.

<3 my family...

more to come...