Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day at Disney!

If you think this is going to be one of those "look at all the awesome stuff we did over spring break" post, guess again. We did absolutely NOTHING over spring break. Seriously not a singe thing!

No, this was actually the day after spring break.

We went to Disneyland, incase you couldn't tell. Upon browsing my millions of pictures... I found that I really enjoyed taking photos of the castle. Perhaps due to my fairytale daydreams, who knows.

Now this is the ball near Space Mountain... kids love this thing. It's like a ride but instead of waiting in an enormous line to ride it you just come up and shove some smelly kid out of your spot. It's pretty great.

Me and Lucy enjoying the front seat of the little rollercoaster in toon town.

I tried to put these in order... I really did.

Does anyone else find it taxing to load pictures up in reverse order?

So this is how were getting to the picture of the girls at the Blue Bayou already. Have you ever eaten there? It's the restaurant that is inside the pirates of the Caribbean ride. It's really cool. My dad used to always take us as kids so now when I think of Disneyland I start to crave the Blue Bayou... it's a very expensive craving. But FYI ~ you can make reservations there up to 60 days in advance, so even though it was the first thing on my DL agenda it was booked by the time i got there. They told me that they would only accept walk-ins if some of there reservations were no shows. It was only by a slim lucky chance that we even got in! I think they turned the people behind us away.

The kids got exactly two character autographs. It was kind of a bummer. This one we got of Minnie Mouse we had to wait in line for about a half hour to get!

It was fun for the kids to get to go through Minnies house though. It was quite cute.

The other kids were too fast to even get a picture of. Here's a primo example...

First you must know that while we were in line for Minnie, Chad was off on a quest for the perfect fast pass. So it was just me and the girls. And when we got out he wasn't back. So we waited in Minnie's backyard near the wishing well. Lucy of course loved Minnies house so she ran back in.

I ran after her...

the other two ran off...

When I came out like 2 seconds later Kassidy and Natalie were GONE! Chad was gone and Lucy was not agreeing to sit in the stroller.

A couple things went through my mind... First, the Oompa-loompa's are going to get us. ( I have this thing with Disneyland where I feel like it's sometime a little too happy... like almost creepy happy. Like if something bad were to happen those creepy little green oompa-loompa men would come out of the woodwork and take us "somewhere"...)

Second... oh my gosh my overprotective mother was right! I need a child locator device! Before we went my mom was saying how she was going to look on the internet for something that you put on you kids (like lowjack I'm guessing???) No no I begged. Please don't do that! I said to her, " I trust myself to watch my kids"


Have you ever seen that show, I think it's called "what would you do?" And they have people walking on a busy street and then suddenly collapse... and no one helps them, they hardly even look at them. About a bazillion people pass before calling 9-1-1. And thats only after a fellow homeless person comes by and removes the beer can from their hand... have you??????

It was a little like that. I saw Chad from afar and yelled out. I LOST YOUR KIDS! and the people around didn't seem alarmed at all... I franticly tell the tale of how Lu ran in and I chased after her and when i came out the kids had disappeared... no reaction from the crowd... in fact I think the people we were standing nearest to were about to ask us to move out of there way. We were blocking their view of Minnie Mouse after all!

And so where where they you ask???

That's easy... the were in line to see Mickey Mouse of course! Where else?? Apparently even though they just waited in a huge line to see Minnie, they had no clue there would be a line to see Mickey.

This is the picture the DL photographer took of them with Mickey... They give you these photopasses. Yeah, not a bargain. They charge $14.95 to download it! What a rip so I took a picture of the picture on my computer does it look? pretty bad?

I got lots of pictures of the inside of the rides. Of course we had to scare the kids by taking them to the haunted mansion. I think if I was a kid I would be totally scared. A floating head in a jar that talks?

Oh and these are quite the fright! seriously... should kids be seeing stuff like that? Don't think I'm creepy or nothing k, but right after lucy was born I asked Chad if he thought if instead of painting rainbows and stuff on your infants wall you painted really scary pictures...if the baby would be scared of it's room or if he thought the baby would think it was perfectly fine and normal. He said... normal... I said NO WAY! I think you're born knowing some thing are just scary, like music. Some music is just scary.

no, I wasn't thinking of painting creepy images on Lu's wall. I said to please not think me creepy and or demented in any way.

Incase you really miss Pirate's...

Natalie kept saying... look at all the booty! I think she was talking about the jewels... but you never can tell with Natalie!

One thing Lucy was excited for was a ride on a train...

{by the look on her face it was everything she always dreamed it would be}

one of the only pictures of {most} of us. Because in Chad's words "Someone (meaning me) brought the stupid lens!"

I was going to bring the zoom lens but I couldn't find the lens cap so I just grabbed the 50mm. Apparently it's the "stupid lens".

Note to self: bring non-stupid lens next time :)

But seriously how else would i have gotten all these useless picture from inside the rides? There is no flash photography allowed in the rides. The stupid lens is awesome for low light situations!

Oh and lets not forget how awesome it is for taking photos of the magical castle all lit up! If you think this is the last of the castle pictures, think again!

Perhaps you're starting to see what I mean by these are out of order! Watch out everyone! Kassidy's at the wheel!

Oh nevermind! Shes so darn slow the poor lady behind her was scratching her head wondering what the problem was up ahead. I think the problem was that the pedal was really hard to put to the metal...pedal to the medal, get it? So not funny. I had to do the gas for Natalie, otherwise we weren't budging!

Hello Buzz.

Kass and Lu on the teacups while me and Natalie went on Space Mountain. We had to switch off for the "fun rides"

This is a classic Disney photospot, however when we got there it was way too busy so we skipped it. Walking past on our way out though I figured I atleast give it a shot! The important thing is that you can see mickey.... right?

And last but not least, the fireworks! Nobody does fireworks like Disney does them! They were grand. And I had fun taking pictures of them...

ALOT of fun. I actually have many many more pictures of the fireworks but I thought I was stretching my luck putting this many up :)

Isn't that amazing how it looks bright as day??

I thought so! Till next time Mickey!