Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Forgotten Post

After that long post on Disneyland I decided that perhaps i should take a shower at some point in the day, and as I did I suddenly remembered all the things I really wanted to tell you.

I think best in the shower. Also I sing best in the shower. No wait... I sing best in the car. Thats right. Second best in the shower.

Anyhow, I think I got bored writing that last post (I'm thinking later in life when I'm like 45 I will like to go back and read about it and see all the fun pictures and say, oh Chad you look so young, what happened? And how come you don't even attempt a happy look in pictures? Come on... happiest place on earth?? Perk up boy!

But with all the technical documentation of the disney happening I forgot some of the best things that shall never be forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten here's a little list of things I forgot...

toothbrush... sweatshirt... eyelid medication (I have bad lids), drivers license, which actually I lost like a week ago, but still its like I forgot because i forgot where I put it? Knee socks, shoes with proper arch support, a hair brush (got the round brush though whew!)

So of course when i spot a Target in Indio i instruct Chad to exit... buns hurts anyway... need a break.

My main focus was getting a sweatshirt because I don't love to be cold. Or even like it. Chad mentions that we have to buy sweatshirts every single time we leave town... I analyse this and find that it is indeed true. Even our last trip to Lake powell.

After arriving at lake powell late at night and finding that we were not well equipped to deal with the freezing temps we headed straight to the local Wal-Mart to stock up on long-johns, sweatshirts, and sleeping bags.

And before that it was Catalina, and before that it was camping in Colorado... Apparently cold weather doesn't often cross our desert rat minds. But i don't take full blame because that would be being really hard on myself and I try not to do that and also Chad could remind me since he's obviously aware that this is a common occurrence, and also he forgot his sweatshirt too so... HA HA.

But even after our little pit stop I still forgot to get a brush... hair brush that is, not toothbrush I did remember to get that!

Did I ever tell you that I have some amazing grandparents? No. I don't think I did. Well a while back my grandma and grandpa moved to Temecula, CA and ever since I keep hearing him say it only takes 5 hours to get from here to CA, and vice versa... well not so for us. We were doing a little head calculation on the way there with the milage and all and chad was like NO WAY. Even if he was going 90 (this is where I chime in "he goes 100") mostly just to bug Chad, but hey I don't know, he may just do that! Very possible. Well he can't argue with that because if he went 100 mph it really would only take 5 hours :) And actually I think I heard him say 4.5 once... that was when he drove 110mph??

Anyway it took us, well lets see we left around 2:30pm and arrived around 10. So 7.5 hours! Well we did stop in Indio for some stuff.

Did you know that in CA they charge you extra for bottled beverages? We also got a case of h2o and one bottle of coke, because we don't like to pay $3 for water. But on the receipt there was a deposit charge or something for $1.20 for the water case and $0.05 for the coke! What is the deal with that? LAME.

{I would now like to take a moment to explain something}

the above part of the post was written shortly after the disneyland post however, I got interrupted with what,

... I can't even remember now and am just discovering this half written post.

So let me just make along story (not even sure about that)


by giving you the nitty gritty of what I think was to be said...

The sweatshirt I scored from target for $10 looked like something Rocky Balboa (from Rocky 1,2,3,and possibly 4) wore thus causing me to sing "Eye of the tiger" under my breath ALL day long. Which was horrible. not my best singing, because as you know my best is in the car. Or shower. Either way...

I still can't find my drivers license. I finally gave up and ordered one a few days ago. But it was rough being at disneyland without it because my debit card is really old and worn. Keep that baby in my back pocket san wallet of course. Signature is g-o-n-e! I am pretty much a wreck walking to any cash register knowing they're probably gonna ask for I.D. that I don't have... but I do have a costco card! Still i have to tell ya, its about 50/50 on who will take a costco card for identification purposes! Actually I'm amazed anyone was willing to take it.

Every store I walked in asked for my drivers license. And at everystore i replied with, "I don't have it with me *but* I do have this nifty costco card!"

Chad found this comical.

I like to drive. I drove the whole way home. we made it in a mere 5.99 hours! Because I am a fast driver... you know when your driving like 92 mph and a cop comes up behind you really fast with a crazy look on his face that you spy from you rear view mirror, that feeling of pure dread! And your blood gets all hot and runs fast through every vein in your body. And you pull into the right lane because of course you're not in the slow lane... and he passes you and pulls that other car over that passed you going 95 a minute ago!? and then your hubby say's from the other seat..."too bad he didn't pull you over, you could have showed him your costco card"

I love Chad.

And I'm sure there was more to this post but lucky for you my memory is not good. And also lucky for you, you will probably never even see this post :)