Saturday, February 28, 2009

I ♥ N'awlins

Does this ever happen to you? I was walking through Cost Plus World Market the other day looking for some storage solutions for my masses of free goodies. (seriously people, I have way too much... I'm taking a break from free toiletries)

I came across this box...

Beignets! (say it frenchy like... ben-yay) no way... I haven't had those in forever. I have to get those!

And so I do.

And then when I get home I show Chad my great find, and tease him a little for never having tried them before. Haha I say, "you were so deprived!"

And then suddenly I think... wait, have I had these before?? Why did I see these and think I had these before? Really. Mom...Dad are you out there? Stacey, Lori?? Anybody? Do you know why I think I've had these?

In any case, they were quite a tasty bit of heaven...

Trip to New Orleans as a kid?