Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Save the Last Dance

I'm rating this post PG. Not G.

Because of the "artistic" placement of last fridays fun times. Oh my gosh people...

The Flowers.

What were you thinking? I said this was PG not PG-13.

Remember a couple posts ago I said I was going to make those lovely felt flowers? And anyone that wanted to come could?

And then you didn't come.

Just messin with ya. Kristi ~unpredictable knot extraordinaire~ she came. And Tawna my ever trusty side kick came. We had mucho fun. And also we had William Sonoma Dark Hot Chocolate, with fresh whipped cream... and more chocolate shavings on top. Mmmmmm. Yum. It was over flowing.

I hope me and Tawna didn't scare Kristi away for good. For one thing Kristi came over all cute and well kept... and there I was with my black knee socks, green capri sweat pants and a burgundy shirt, no make up and greazzy hair. I was so scary. Actually Tawna was all cuted up too. So basically it was just me that was scary. But thats not what I meant. Kristi may have unwittingly stumbled upon silliness which was previously unknown to her... that one Friday night. But... atleast she wasn't sitting on her freshly pooped on couch watching old episodes of Cheers... right Kristi? You so had to be there for that one.


This is a special alert for one Miss Shalay...(incase she still reads my blog at all)

Do not continue reading this post unless you are pretty sure you want your Christmas surprise not to be very surprising at all.

This is real...

Last warning...

The surprise will be spoiled....

I mean it's up to you but...

You're so weak!

Just joshin.

I LOVE this apron. And frankly I'm having a little trouble parting with it. Please note the month. Its February.

So before I pass it over I must enjoy it.

And so it was.


A special thanks to Chad for documenting my dance-a-thon.