Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Members Only Club


He's kinda cute when he sleeps. Sometimes I am amazed at how he sleeps upside down, but this is a little extra amazing...

One handed!

How did this happen to me? I'm anti-pet.

Within a matter of one week, we went from pet free, to precisely 32 pets. Ridiculous I know.

1 jackson chameleon.

1 tree frog.

2 tadpoles.

28 red ants. (originally there were 30 ants in the ant farm, but some of them started up a gang and ripped 2 of them to pieces. It's gruesome... ant body parts everywhere.)

Now instead of whipping out the raid and going on a cricket massacre, sadly I head to petsmart and give them real live money to get my little disgusting bags of crickets. Oh the joy of being lulled to sleep to the sweet sound of crickets mating.

Of course we have cricket food... who doesn't?

Yeah... you have to feed the food your going to feed to your many cricket eating pets. Indeed disturbing. Goes against everything I stand for bug-wise. which generally speaking is "kill the bugs" defintly not feed, care for, or nurture in any way the bugs! Except for ladybugs of course. And praying mantises and lace wings.

but you can't deny that Charley is kinda cute when he curls up his tail and snuggle hugs the tree stump.

So if my kids tell you there are 37 members of our family...

This is what they're talking about. (though that number is likely to drop, what with the ant gang wars and all)