Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tu-Tu Tuesday (on Sunday though)

Didn't anyone tell you it's crazy picture day? Thats my little hint that there is a whole lotta pictures in this post! Lots. I mean it. Tons.

Remember my last post... I ratted myself out about ditching church? Well this is it. This is where we went. PHOTOSHOOT! I am so in love with that picture of Kassidy and Natalie above. The look on Natalie's face makes this my favorite. No saving best for last. This is it my friends!

Did you see it? I circled it so you could see it... creepy huh. I showed chad and I said, "Hey babe, look whats in this picture, it's Yu-gi-oh", ok it is entirely possible that I spelled that wrong because I am not really a big Yu-gi-oh fan. Apparently... because Chad said, "that's not yu-gi-oh!" Sure it is I say, imagine it's mouth opening really wide while eyes all a-squint saying "BRA BRA BRA!"

You see it is Yu-gi-oh... except Chad thinks it's poke`mon. I still say Yu-gi-oh.

Let me begin by saying it was Freezing! This is why you won't see as much of Natalie. She was the least cooperative due to the icy winds... but also she was the least dressed. Don't look at me, she wanted to wear that top. I think I can actually see her shivering.

Oh but what an angel she is.

I suppose I could tell you what the photographer (Alan Lowy) I went to said about my portfolio...

But then again, should I be so telling of my flaws from a professional's view?

Ok I will tell you one thing... he didn't so much like this next photo...

But I tend to disagree with him on his particular complaint. Which was that I shot staight on causing her legs to grow out of her chest... Ummm ok I guess if I had never seen a human before and this is all I had to go off of maybe I would mistake her for a stumpy short legger. Fortunately for me I know all about the human race and so this picture make plenty of sense in my brain. Right?

But actually he didn't hate my work like I thought he would. Just a few thing to watch out for... chopping off the fingers, apparently my favorite thing to do :)

Thank you Kassidy for being such a little model. This girl was willing to be in every shot.

While I was shooting this particular one there was a drunk guy yelling from across the street...

"you daughter is a doll... you hear me? I know you hear me daddy?"
(talking to Chad of course)

ignore ~ ignore ~ ignore ~ ignore ~ ignore...

mmm-K, akward. Please don't kills us drunk man that we are so totally ignoring.

This was in Jerome BTW. All the eccentrics hang out there. This one punked out girl came running across that street from a shop to tell us that she loved the tu-tu's and to remember that Tuesday is tu-tu day. here we go into dialogue again,

Me: "really? well we will have to come back on a Tuesday then, wouldn't that be fun."
Punky: "oh, no where ever you are"
Me: "huh?"
Punky: " It's not just here... every Tuesday is tu-tu day where ever you are." *sparkle smile*
Me" um ok, good to know!"

How on earth did I not know about tu-tu Tuesdays? I guess I didn't get the memo.

Did she make that up? I think she made that up. No matter, I am all about wearing tu-tu's on Tuesday! Not that I have one.