Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If I were a Spice girl...

I don't think I would be sporty spice.

Yesterday was Chad's birthday. All he ever really wants for his birthday is to go snowboarding. We haven't been since before Lucy was around. I really didn't want to go. I think my mortality was getting in the way. But i really wanted Chad to be able to go and so we did... but only thanks to my mom for babysitting my 3 kids ALL day. Thanks mom!

Yeah I know... those jeans are outta here! right? Ok there's lipgloss in my back pocket not helping the situation, and 2 pairs of long johns stuffed in there, but still. (thank goodness for stretchy denim!)

Ok so hopefully you will never again have to see this many pictures of myself in a row! Why so many? Well the thing is, I was bored. Yeah I get bored on car rides. Chad had enough of me taking his picture while he drove and Jamie was asleep so...

I mounted the camera on the dash and let my toes do the picture taking! Not always in focus and also not always a picture of me but hey atleast Jamie got to be entertained by my weirdness while he pretended to sleep. Thats right he was pretending.

Dear Jamie... in order to make pretending believable, one must not nose snicker at the goofy girl in the front seat! Also Jamie, I would like to add that you yourself are a little weird. Did you really think I wasn't going to take your picture whilst you fashioned my hat? But thanks for doing that because this is an awesome picture.

And just when you think there isn't a single other interesting thing to take a photo of along comes a jolly bush all decked out in Christmas garb... in the middle of the highway... for all travelers to enjoy, but you gotta be fast to get a piture of this thing because at 80 mph its there and gone in a flash.

Did you know there's a bell you can ring at Arby's if you feel the food was good and you got great service? And did you also know that if you ring that bell the employees have to hoot and holler! I didn't know. Those Arby's people are a riot! Great job ringing the bell Jamie.

I hope you know what your looking for in this town cuz man oh man there's alot of choices to choose from!

This is the after picture. After the fun. I have a before picture but... well, it just Chad's board... its a little obscene. Not blog people friendly. So stick with the after pics.

See the guy in the hat? That's Chad. He's awesome. If I could warp back into time when this photo was taken I think i might just put the camera down, run and jump up on him wrapping my legs around his waist causing us to tumble backward into the snow laughing while he cursed me... Jamie's cool too but I just kinda have a thing for Chad so I thought I'd point him out for ya.

See jamie... I told you i got a picture of that.

This is us... i sure wish my spare tire was better at centering the photos! It did the best it could seeing as how it is just a spare tire and all! See how there's snow caked on our boards?? A sure sign of tearing up the mountain.

I did end up having tons of fun... so glad we went. I had a hard time at first like I figured i would. I forgot ok... its not like riding a bike! And I knew I forgot. Have you ever taken a ride on a thing called a lift? Yeah it's scary! Getting on isnt so bad, you stand there and it pretty much scoops you on, but getting off is a whole nother story! It doesn't stop to casually let you off in style, no... it keeps going and your just have to launch yourself off down a little slope hoping your loose foot won't slipslide its way into disastersville!

First trip on the lift of the season goes a little something like this...

me setting the scene - (double seater lift, 3 in our group, me wearing my twilight shirt and hot pink sunglasses, another group of 3 behind us, a mom and 2 little girls)

LG1 (little girl #1): psst psst psst, shirt
LG2: snicker snicker think so...
Mom: hey can LG1 ride with you?
Me: me??
Mom: yeah, are you alone?
Me: ummmmm... (thinking hard) uuuhhh... i guess so, but I can't promise I won't biff it hard getting off the lift.
Mom: Oh that's ok she's really good.

20 minutes later (it was a really long line) Board the lift.

Me: Oops, I should probably be on the other side of you.
Lg1: It's ok.
Me: I'm sorry in advance if I crash on my way off this thing making you fall.
LG1: It's ok I already crashed getting off once today.
Me: What? your mom said you were really good! What's your name?
LG1: Karen. Do you like Twilight?
Me: Yeah. Have you read them?
Karen: I just finished the second book.
Me: How old are you?
Karen: 12
Me: (staring in disbelief)
Karen: I know I don't look 12, I'm really short. My sister is 8 and we're the same size. How old are you?
Me: 31
Karen: Are you sure? (snickering in disbelief)
Me: Uhhh... it's the hot pink glasses and the twilight shirt throwing you off. Oh I think we're going to get along just fine!

Note: Anyone who mistakes me for a youngster is my new BFF!

I suppose I should tell you how it all "went down". The lady in front of us had apparently never been on a snowboard in her life. So not surprisingly she wiped out... and did they stop the lift while she was clearing out??? NO they didn't... which is why i ran smack into her! I was all set to have the perfect landing, and i would have too if it weren't for what's her name.

Like I said... we had tons of fun! I finally did remember how to do it after about the second run down the mountain.

Chad was so good to me... he packed all my stuff up for me while I did nothing... he even helped me get my boots off. (I have difficult boots to get off ok?)

That was the busiest I've ever seen it! We had miles and miles of bumper to bumper traffic. Seriously... it took us an hour to get from the mountain back to Flagstaff! But it's okay because how else would I have been able to take millions of pictures of the lovely landscape surrounding me? It was getting dark so if we were moving at all, these would have been super blurry. I can't believe you're still reading this!

So who's volunteering to watch my kids so I can go again? Any takers?? They're really sweet... (when they're asleep)