Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fish... Not Gold

Who here still thinks a xanadu is a chair? Line up for your spankin!

We had to tear down the swing set in our backyard. It was one of those wood ones that the Arizona sun beats to a splintery death. Don't worry though, we didn't jump the gun or anything... this thing needed some V8. It was leaning something fierce off to one side. Come to find out it was holding up one of our trees... oopsies!

But when I saw this I had to laugh...

Apparently we still have swings! (The kids rigged this little number up) I can't believe none of the neighbors have complained about swings hanging from a tree in out front yard! I'm sure we will get a notice from the HOA soon enough. But when we do rest assured I'm calling to complain about creepy neighbor mans garbage cans permanently parked on the front side of his house. I get a prime view while kickin back on my porch swing... oh the scent is so unlovely! Apparently he's something pretty special... well that's his story anyway! No Christmas treats for him this year... which is not to say that I've ever given him goodies because, well... he IS Mr. creepy neighbor man, kinda goes without saying doesn't it?

I found this funny. Kassidy is persistent. This will never end that is one thing that is for sure! As I've mentioned before we are not down with the pet scene around here (ok I'm using we very loosely concidering it's mostly me... not Chad, but he kinda vowed to be on my side so I'm pretty much holding him to that one on this particular issue!)(Oh and also the spider issue, I'm never going soft on that you can be sure!) where were we... oh yeah so Kassidy wants a pet really really bad! How do you get what you want for Christmas... make your list very short...

She won a goldfish at my parents wards fall festival and it lived at least an hour before it died. Apparently she didn't like that too much. So not a goldfish... got it.

Natalie also wrote Santa a letter.

Glad to hear she still likes suprises! I know I do. Like the sweet little treasures I find while cleaning. Natalie likes to write notes and they sure are fun to find. Here's one she wrote to Lucy. Not that Lucy can read or anything!

And this song she wrote. I didn't know it was a song, she had to tell me. But was I right about Natalie or what? She reads about the Savior... she writes about the Savior... she's a good good girl.

I haven't had time to do a photoshoot of Lucy in "The Little Goddess Dress" I made her so I thought I would just post this one little sneak peak... It is so cute, I really love it. And it was pretty easy, oh and I learned some things while making it too so that's always awesome!