Friday, December 5, 2008

Lu's Bloomin Bloomers

Here I am a day late and a dollar short once again... All my posts start with yesterday. Yesterday this, yesterday that... oh well

Yesterday didn't go anything like I thought I would. First of all... BRRRRR!!! It was freezing all day! I was thinkin -where's my scarf and mittens. Truly I am a wimpy when it comes to coldness. Where did the warmth of the previous day go? Needless to say I hid in the house all day! Well except that one part where I had to go get something for Chad to the store... Um Hello Bashas, I'd like to file a complaint... yes my hair looks stupid enough without the help of your fierce downdraft as I enter and exit the store! Even on a good day I walk through that thing and my hair is never the same again! So I walk in and get BLASTED with air. Hairs going everywhich way. People kept looking at me funny.. my hair I'm sure... or so I thought till I remembered I was sporting my famed *Twilight* shirt. Ooh I saw you -little 15 year old girl- giving me the evil eye... "He's not yours! Us old ladies need a little Edward in our lives too!"

Oh yeah Lucy...

We played in the window for a while. Why not?

I'm on to you... I know what your thinking. Those are some CUTE little bloomers! fo sho. Where the heck??

I made them, obviously. Ok, so lately I have been feeling so lonely in my sewing endevors! Is this a lost art? Am I the last of em? People People, we've got to turn this around!

I have an idea... let me know what you think or if you're interested at all! I was thinking that maybe I (we?) could do 1 project per month, blogwise anyway (me...well, I do a little more) One Friday per month after the kids go to bed of course... simple things especially to start.

Just an idea...

It snowed today! Not snow but leaves... I was driving to pick my kids up from school and all the trees were dropping leaves right before my eyes! Surely this happens every year but I don't know that I ever noticed it before! It may be the closest we ever get to snowing, but man it sure was pretty to watch those golden leaves fluttering to the ground.

I finally got my piles and piles of material that I ordered. It is really beautiful fabric. Actually last night I stayed up till 2am finishing a dress for Lu. It is so cute. "The little goddess dress" by Tina Givens! BTW- there's more to sewing than Butterick and Simplicity! If you like to sew check out They have really awesome fabrics and some cute little patterns too. I get almost all my stuff there. Flat rate shipping what more do you want? 40% off coupons? Well... no. You have to go to Joann's for that but I have a serious dislike for Joann's so I'm sticking with quilthome. I love it!