Friday, May 6, 2011

overlook | looking over

The semester is winding down. I was happy to have a break from the usual get up at 6 am, out the door by 7:30. Drop the kid off at grandma's house, smell like chemicals for the rest of the day routine.

I mean its fun but breaks are nice too.

Yesterday me and Lucy went with my class to the phoenix Art Museum. I was surprised she wanted to go with me so bad. Though I know it was partly because she wanted to see the 'blob' for herself... tell ya later. Still I couldn't resist such a sweet little girl begging to experience art!

We explored the dickens out of that place and then near the very end unexpectedly came upon what I like to call the hall of glorious light.

and so we played a little longer...

then I made a bad movie to share with you :)

and by bad I mean low res. - no skills.

Saturday I will be spending all day in the darkroom finishing up my final project.

Should be loads of fun.