Friday, May 13, 2011

Stingy is as stingy does

I finished up with my photography class just in time to sign up for the summer class!

I guess you could say I'm addicted :)

Actually I wasn't planning on taking the summer class. I mean really... do I want to be somewhere by 8:00 AM four days a week during summer? Heck no. I want to be lazy as the day is long (and you KNOW they're longer during summer)

The plan was to take 290 in fall with my current teacher Mr. Mulno, who has been so great by the way, but no. All plans came to a screeching swirl of confusion and disappointment as he announced that the summer class will be his last class at Chandler Gilbert Community College. He is off to teach the lucky students of University of San Diego.

So if you have been wanting to take a photography class at CGCC I suggest you get crackin on that! Like post haste.

Well anyway, yesterday we had our critique on our final projects. I have pretty consistently photographed my children throughout the semester. It really came as no surprise to anyone that I chose that as my final project. When I laid all the photographs out to see what I had, it was almost like I could separate them into two distinct projects. I had eighteen prints, I whittled it down to fourteen that would be shown.

and I am showing you five.

Because I am stingy.

Do you adore that doll house as much as I do? It didn't always belong to us. I saw it sitting outside my parent's neighbors house. I wondered if they were throwing it away. THEY WERE! The man who lived there explained that they were moving and they had a garage sale earlier that day, but couldn't bear to put it out and sell it for $5.00 *insert gasp here* in front of his wife's father who made it by hand for their children. Can you believe it?!?! Me either. When we drove up with a car full of little girls he asked if we would like it.

Uh... try LOVE it!

This is classic win win.

I got the dollhouse I was lusting after. He got to feel good about sending it off to a home filled with little girls.

I only wish I knew where they moved to. I would love to send them a print.

And those masks!! Natalie and her friends made them. They were having plays out on the lawn. She is my most crafty kid. I immediately fell in love. I couldn't help but use them in a photograph. The one of Lucy standing with a mask on, my teacher referred to as 'amazing'. it's true.

I have it in writing :)