Friday, April 29, 2011

show me your moves, I know you got em

I was online shopping with lucy at Jcrew kids this morning trying to figure out what on earth that kid wants to wear.

Everyday she asks me where the clean clothes are. and everyday I say in your closet

which is about the time she collapses on the floor in a heap of whiney letting me know exactly how she feels about the clothes in there


I swear. everybloodyday.

So I'm clicking around on some silly looking get-ups.

she hates them all.

and then we get to these...

What about these?

no. those are curtains.

well atleast we know she doesn't want to wear curtains :)


note: She actually does have two dresses she likes to wear. and she would happily wear those two dresses every day till she's too big for them, except that I occasionally hide them because I'm mean but more because I get sick of seeing her in the same outfit every day when I can assure you her closet is brimming with pretty things to choose from.