Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For all you COCO LOCO{s}

Yes, I am speaking to all you crazy locals of G-town.

There's something kind of wonderful happening in Gilbert and I want to tell you about it so you can join me in supporting it as much as possible!!!

Do you like ART?

me too. like ALOT. (especially photography)

do you like how I put that in parentheses as if you didn't know? me too. I'm hilarious.

There's this place I've been hearing about for months now.

It's called Art Intersection.

Honestly for all the hearing about this place I haven't paid it nearly enough attention. We all make stupid mistakes sometimes right? yes, yes I thought so. I think there was a part of me that thought it was this mythical place where artists go to dream. Yeah, because for as many times as I've driven through downtown Gilbert I have never actually seen this mythical place of beauty.

Rumor has it they have a wet darkroom there.

It took getting an email from my fall semester teacher, Mr. Williams to get me to actually look for it online.

Yep. It's there. Darkroom and all. I feel so sheepish. And guess where!!! It's right where my kids old dance studio used to be. And that would explain why I never saw it.

Art Intersection is more than just a little intriguing. Not only do they have a darkroom but they have classes! And not just for you but they have classes for kids too! not just photography classes lots of crafty little classes.

I hope Mr. Williams doesn't mind me grabbing a line from his email and sharing it with you...

"Carol Panaro-Smith at Art Intersection teaches workshops with her partner Jim Hajicek who used to be the 19th century guru at ASU. Maybe they offer something that would interest you."

uhhh ya think??!!!! Yeah, that is why I finally looked it up :)

oh and you're gonna laugh when you hear this...

Last month I entered some of my photographs in a little contest we were having at school to have work displayed at Art Intersection. (still didn't look it up)

Totally won. (still didn't look it up)

HAHA! seriously right? let me rephrase 'totally won' because that was worded mainly for effect.

Three of my photographs were chosen to humbly hang with some of my fellow students work in the show... 'Through the Viewfinder: Works by CGCC Students and Faculty' from May 18- June 30.

I considered posting the three chosen photographs but then what are the chances I can get you out there to see them in real life? Not good. Thats what I thought. So no, if you want to see you must come bring your human body parts including your pretty eye balls over to art intersection.

Don't worry, I am SURE I will remind you ;)

So just to recap these are the things you should do...

check out their website.
follow their blog.
like them on Facebook.
enjoy their tweets.
sign yourself up for some classes.
sign your kids up for some classes.
come see my pretty photographs in the show from May 18- June 30.

got all that?

Don't forget to tell all your friends and neighbors about it too. Who knew Gilbert was going to get all artsy on us? Let's keep this place around!!!!!

you're the best! thanks.

<3 Jill