Friday, May 20, 2011

Have you seen the movie "The Blob"'s real, and it's SCARY!

I feel like the blob.

Lately I just kind of roll from one place to another. No real movement required.

So in an effort to remedy this situation, I packed up my Lu in her stroller this morning and went walking. Fastly. With small bouts of jogging involved.

I hated it.

I purposely left my ipod at home so my brain would be free to get its act together and come up with a genius idea. Really any idea would have sufficed. Do you know how hard it is to think when your 4 year old is blabbering on and on, asking you questions you can't begin to answer because honestly, you just don't know who lives in every single house in the neighborhood?!

yep. yep.

There was a few things my brain managed to muster up. 10 to be exact.

Jill's Top Ten

Reasons why walking/jogging stinks the big one, especially when the sun is out.

10. I am out of sunblock.

9. It is better to be flappy and white than wrinkled up like a prune melting on the sidewalk.

8. You know that gipped off feeling you get when you buy a bag of skittles and more than 58% of them are yellow and green? thats how walking/jogging makes me feel.


6. Especially my ears.

5. When I jog I become too keenly aware of the junk in my trunk. (bad for self-esteem)

4. Also I have bad form.

3. and giant feet.

2. with really skinny ankles.

1. Which makes me look ridiculous in 'good' running/walking shoes


Told you so!

The lady at the shoe store told me how amazingly comfortable these shoes are. Here's the thing... clunky will never equal comfortable! Plus they look like man shoes. Dressing like a man ended for me in the 90's ok people! I can't go back! I won't do it!!!!

I swear I trip over my feet in these. It's embarrassing really. I should stick to walking after the sun goes down.

Anybody want to walk at night with me?


Are those crickets I hear?