Sunday, May 2, 2010


A couple years back my mom and dad bought some land in Coolidge, AZ. I have to say it was a little unexpected.

Coolidge? Why Coolidge? And why at all? What is the meaning of this I ask?

They call it { The Farm }

they would sometimes pick us up and take us to see the farm. And once I even heard him talking with his neighbor about growing things on the farm.

and then he did.


my dad in his very own field of oats.

could I be any prouder? dare I say no!

for that is one gorgeous field of oats!

and oh how my children LOVE the farm.

There's something nurturing to the soul about standing out it that field of oats. Makes you feel connected to the earth in a personal/spiritual way.

My mom grew up on a farm. Her daddy was a farmer. I imagine it brings her some peace to be there. She speaks fondly of hanging out in the orchards eating green apples all day. As many apples as she could eat and never did they make her sick! (so says she)

and you know what?

I don't wonder anymore.

I understand.

{ I love my life. my family. my world }