Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OodLEs and ooDleS

I'm being really strict with myself these days. No computer after 10. So far... no good.

Well the thing is I went fast walking with a friend till after 10 and well there's just no point in pretending I'm going to bed anytime soon (still need a shower amongst other things)

Oh yeah... it's been one of THOSE days :)

totally didn't even get dressed. Not even to go walking. pretty impressive huh?

So I figured as long as I'm on hiatus, I may as well share these super fun photos of Lulu bell.

So your thinking it looks like we were having a ball?!

We were.

and you wondered where I got that pretty little dress?!

Thought so.

Oh and you think Lucy may just be the cutest little thing you ever laid eyes on?!

She is.

{ Pretty Sure. }

ok ok enough pompous boasting. for now

So...... about the dress. I discovered the delights of a fun new (to me) store... thanks to Katie! A while back we went shopping and she tells me about this store she want to go to called H&M. She says theres one in Scottsdale. I say great, Scottsdale is my favorite mall, let's go...

though i did think it was weird that I'd never heard of this mythical store that exists in my favorite mall. hmm.

Looking at the directory Katie is very confused because it's not listed anywhere...

K: is there another mall in Scottsdale??

J: yes. oops.


That was a bust! And I then forgot about it completely.

Well until I was headed to the JCrew up there (the only one in AZ with kids clothes)

and just like that I spotted it. Oh yeah, it's all coming back to me (seriously this was like a few months ago... not years like you might be thinking)

They had some really cute stuff. And some cheesy stuff. But good prices! So thank you Katie for cluing me in. i promise we'll take a little trip up there before school starts again!

Does her face just make you want to smile?

Have you ever seen a more perfect face on a jumping picture? It's hard to tell she's even jumping but I swear her feet aren't touching the ground. You can tell by the way her dress is ruffled upward and her hair is springing up to her chin. She makes it look so easy :)

Have I mentioned Lucy loves it when i take her picture? So keep it up moms, if you force it on them enough maybe just maybe they will take a liking to it! How do you think I got her hair curled? Thats right... threatened to not take her pics. haha. I am not joking. Well that and I promised her some pie :)

I don't know whats up with the shotty quality on the video I { tried } to make... oh well, you get the idea.

ahhhh shower here i come!!!

and for tomorrow...

Brunch date followed by a brazilian blowout... yep. I will let you know how that goes! Does that sound bad? it's just a hair thing. I swear I'm not prissy... you didn't see what my hair looked like yesterday morning after going to bed with wet hair. If you did I KNOW you'd understand!

oh wow. TMI. goodnight.