Monday, May 24, 2010

I have been a VERY busy girl.

and so there is much to tell...

May 15 | sister has baby

May 16| mom turns??? i'll never tell...

May 17| (this is the one I REALLY want to tell you all about) Took off in the volvo California bound...


You're shocked aren't you.

You are.

It's because it's so dang filthy isn't it? Yes well it's probably even dirtier now :) haha.

It rained on us a bit. And oh my gosh it was freezing!!

Chad was a love and drove the whole way! Which is epic because usually he leaps into the passenger seat before I can even get out of the house. And if per-chance I beat him to the car he says (without fail) You have to drive, I gotta put my shoes on... and there he stands sans shoes.

So trust me when I say this was a miracle! Which is how I managed to get this next photo :)

Do you see the man racing across the sky?? Do you ever allow yourself time to look at the sky anymore? Recharge your creativity by letting your imagination wander through the clouds?

A photog friend recently started a site to be enjoyed by all. Cloud dreaming. Check it out. You will find yourself noticing the sky more, and maybe you will even point your camera toward the sky and share your cloud dreams with the rest of us :)

On the { why } page at the very bottom there is an adorable little picture and beneath it reads:

Creative mind comes from the times you thought you wasted…
Now, please relax. Something good will happen to you.

Naoko Stoop

May 17| kickoff dinner for Lyon-shop 5! We ate at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana. I can't even tell you how excited I was to be there. If you must know I ordered a turkey burger. it was giant and delicious :)

May 18| like a dream, I spent all day with the amazing Amelia Lyon! My eyes were opened to so much and i am ever so grateful that i had the opportunity to attend. Truly an experience i will never forget. ( and worth every penny :)

I told Chad to take my camera and go have some fun. He tried...

He spent most of the day at the beach just cruising around. I like this shot he got.

Afterwards we headed over to Grandma's house in Temecula! She is an amazing woman. I think her house is her art masterpiece. I sometime tell people how lovely it is but now you can see for yourself :)

You may think some of these are black and white photos but they are not! She just loves black and white. These are all color photos :) Above you can see my gorgeous Aunt Sue.

Clever and pretty.

I loved this picture on the wall in that same room above the desk pictured below...

and of course beautiful cousin Rachel sits atop the desk.

You know some things are grand when they grace your presence no matter your abode.

This is one of those things that lives where grandma lives ALWAYS. It reminds me of her.

I love this. LOVE IT.

Isn't she adorable?!?!?!!!

She played...

I photo'd...

the bird bowl... yet another little something that follows grandma where ever she goes :)

Grandma and Grandpa, if you're reading this... thank you for being so kind and hospitable! ( did i tell you how they made us waffles with all the fixings for breakfast? oh it was delicious :) Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!!

May 19| Visit some family before heading home. This is my super fabulous cousin Lauren. She leaves for her mission in a matter of days! I feel very thankful to have gotten to see her before she goes!

May 21| you guessed it. That baby of Stacey's wasn't getting any younger! Do you just want to smooch those soft little cheeks?! Oh he is a cuddly little thing.

May 21| yes we're still on that day. Lucy got to get all dressed up for her recital photos! She will be preforming in her first recital June 12.

"Oh my beautiful doll" ... yeah you can say that again!!

i accidently bought too many tickets. Anyone want to go see Lu dance? I am sure it will be chuckle :) !! i got one extra seat.

May 22| Got to spend a good chunk of the morning with my Natalie getting her recital photos taken. She is not the lovely in front but rather the pretty little thing admiring herself in the mirror. haha. This is for her ballet performance "Paquita"... but she will be dancing in ALL the shows. We went to lunch between photos. We took extra fortune cookies in hopes of being extra fortunate.

I only liked the first one I got...

your clever mind will lead you to many rewards

sounds good to me!

May 22| (still) partied with Mia for her first birthday! Lori made us dinner (which was super yum btw) That was awesome Lolo!!

oh wait where are we? ah yes

May 23| attended the 3rd dedication of The Gila Valley Temple. It had to be the 3rd. Did you know it was actually dedicated 3 times? On the way i lost my wedding ring down the crack of the car between the seats... I was a little frantic. I couldn't see it from any angle. The kids couldn't see it from behind. It was gone. Fallen into the deep dark hole of nothingness. We had to drop Lu off at my moms house and when we stopped i got out and searched... nothing. i wanted to keep searching because on the way to moms I discovered a hole in the carpeting that lead to parts unknown. I though hmmm.... maybe this leads to the street? My mom suggested we had better go and trust that it was there somewhere. And I knew she was right so we went. It was beautiful! I cried twice, and chuckled atleast 5 times :) I loved what Sis. Holland had to say about temples. It was she that made me cry first.

When we got home my dad told me how it was odd that they had started that 3rd session 10 minutes early. You see mom was right, mom is ALWAYS right... good thing we left when we did!

Chad is my hero. He had to take the seat out of the car to get under the floor boards where my ring had disappeared to. He got it back for me!

May 24| Don't even get me started! Chad is waiting for me to relax with him. i think I shall go now. it's 11:45 and I am


g'night :)