Saturday, April 24, 2010

A girl and her girl.

Luckilly she said the only thing she'd really miss about field day was the parachute. But not to worry she tells me... we do parachutes in P.E. too.

Oh wishoo. I was so worried :) not.

I know it's not "wishoo" but I typed a few other things in there and they all look wrong so wishoo it is.

First stop. Thomas J. { my hair guy/ bff/we go way back } I'd show you pictures of way back, but I'm scared to know what he will do to my hair if he ever found out. (... ooops, did that say green on the bottle? I better go back and look)

I don't mess around with hair guys, and I don't mess around with food people. Neither should you. They are very powerful.

... and then we ate. and of course we were very polite to the food people :) Not only do we think they probably didn't hock a lougie in our food but we think maybe we got a few extra nuts on our sundae! and then we shopped. ALOT. Oh my gosh I was never so happy to leave the mall in my life!

Everytime I would wander off into the baby sections Natty chimed in...

mom, why are we over here? Were supposed to be shopping for ME!

me... *eyebrows raised high... scared look on face... eyes darting from side to side*

oh my. haha. she was really excited about getting a new outfit!

Do you like it? We found it at Abercrombie kids. I would never think to look there for a dress normally but as we were strolling by the polka-dots pulled me in with their polka-dot powers!

Sometimes i can't decide between color and black and white.

So you get both :)

love you Natty.

Kass... you're next!

p.s. I'm not happy with these photos. Photography is frustrating sometimes. It's ok though because Natty is sweet and she promised me we could do some more on Monday. She must really like her outfit :) !!