Friday, April 16, 2010

Bet you didn't know

Imagine the horror as i logged onto my email and found this

Sender: Facebook

Subject: Jed Hunsaker has tagged you in 47 photos...

I didn't even see who it was at first i just mostly saw

*tagged* and *47 photos*

My very first thought was { oh no! }

because it's scary enough to be tagged in just one photo on facebook!

So maybe you've seen this before, but then again maybe you haven't. And even if you have you maybe wondering what the heck it is!

So let me explain a little.

Long long ago I was doing some catering. just me and my trusty helper "DeeDee" also know in my life today as Tawna.

but I also did cakes. I even thought I might want to do cakes forever. So i bought a domain.


I still own it.

and I have a cousin. Jed. Jed is clever when it comes to computers. He also has an artsy side to him, which you will see, but for now we will focus on his savvy computer skills. He was going to help me build my catering website. He had previously made a little video of himself which he calls tweakface. It's really funny. No, I don't know where it is right now. Jed? Tweakface? You still got it?

and also, my dad owns a business. He had a room in his building that he called

{ the Ann Frank room }

... because of course it was a hidden room.

It was in that room that Jed and I went to town making a cakechef version of tweakface! I asked him to make it into a little video for me, he kindly (and quickly) obliged. He's cool like that.

So go pop your self some popcorn and enjoy :)

p.s.- you may have to go pause my playlist first, silly me can't figure out how to make it not automatically play.

I estimate I was probably 24 in these photos. I also estimate you got about 4 bites of popcorn in before hitting the replay button.

This is currently Lucy's favorite movie!!

Thanks Jed!

*Hot off the press! Jed provided me with a link to tweakface! you gotta check it out. You won't be disappointed.

** Thanks again Jed!